Search your feelings, you know it to be true

Fixed some issues with my website. One day the search function just stopped working. I guess there was a WordPress update that changed the way the search function, um, functioned. When I discovered that the site search no longer worked I just disabled it. Tonight though I went poking around and found that the theme I use (Bugis, by Elmastudio) had some custom code for its search function that no longer worked properly. Copied the function to my child theme, made a few tweaks, and now things work again.

Turns out that just today Elmastudio discontinued the Bugis theme, so once it gets posted to GitHub I’ll be able to merge my changes from my child theme into a full-fledged theme. While I’m disappointed that the Bugis theme is being discontinued I’m happy that it’s going to be released.

I considered leaving the search widget disabled because after 18 years of writing blog posts about my day-to-day activities who knows what embarrassments might lurk within my site. I thought before about adding something that shows up on posts a certain age and older to note that these are old posts – maybe I’ll do that once the Bugis theme is released.

I’ve been making some tweaks to my webservers as well. I’ve been putting together some scripts to restore a server to a base configuration and to run server software updates, but I also want to formalize my scripts for other server maintenance tasks. Eventually I want to use these scripts to reproduce the same basic configuration on my personal production and development servers, shut down / start up server processes, perform server backups/migrations, etc., etc. Things are mostly the same right now, but once I get these scripts together then they’ll be able to do much of the heavy lifting and will help keep me from forgetting something.