Trying out a new USB-C to USB-mini cable that just arrived today, bought specifically so I could hook one of my mechanical keyboards ((One, in the sense that I have two, and the other is already connected to my computer.)) to my iPad and use that for writing. It sounds silly to say that I’m trying out a USB cable, but until now I only had a USB-C cable, singular, and now I’ve got a few:

  • two USB-C to USB-mini cables (one for this keyboard + one for connecting my camera to my iPad when traveling)

  • two USB-C to USB-A cables for charging

  • one USB-C to HDMI cable for entertainment

In other cable news, this past Sunday I arrived home to see the end of my street blocked off by a few Verizon trucks and they appeared to be splicing cable down a manhole through much of the night. I’m hoping that they were doing something to help me get Fios as it’s been almost a year since I saw conduit deployed in my neighborhood – including right up a telephone pole just outside my window – and yet I still get “Fios is unavailable in your area” notices when I try to check online, even though it appears that houses on the next block over have it or can get it. What makes me pessimistic about them setting up new fiber is that they were doing it until well past Sunday midnight on a holiday weekend, which has me think that maybe they were fixing a break or other issue. My cable bill is too expensive and I’d much rather have gigabit download and upload speeds, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the next week or two that I might finally be able to sign up.

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