Went back to work Monday afternoon and felt like I caught a cold by Tuesday. Not sure exactly how that happened since I teleworked from home once we got our stop-work order rescinded, so it’s not like I caught it from someone at the office.

I was interviewed by CNN on that first day back to work, which was pretty cool. One of their reporters saw on Twitter that I was a government contractor and emailed me asking if we could chat a bit on the phone about what it’s like, so late that afternoon I gave him a call and we talked for 10 minutes or so about what the first day back had been like. I had talked with some friends during the shutdown how contractors like myself weren’t guaranteed any sort of backpay and how I had to use up my PTO and take leave without pay for much of the shutdown, and how the media didn’t really make it clear that Federal employees were getting backpay while contractors wouldn’t, so when CNN reached out to me I took it as my obligation to set the record straight, haha.

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