Sugar in the cranky-case

Been in a Mood the past few days. When my mood hasn’t been “bad” it’s at the very least been “frustrated” or “meh”. It hasn’t been over a single thing, and nothing personal to nobody, but it’s been rather just many small annoyances building up over days that have made me tired and dissatisfied.

The worst was Friday night when I came home. After running a few errands on my way home and driving what felt like forever in the rain I couldn’t park on my street. I had to haul my bags of groceries in the pouring rain from a few blocks away to my apartment so I was already grumpy. I got in, started putting my groceries away, and discovered a pile of sugar in my refrigerator (what, you don’t store your sugar in the refrigerator to keep it away from bugs?). Turned out that the bag had ripped on the side of a shelf on the refrigerator door. I only discovered this when I pulled the bag out to inspect it and sugar poured all over my (wet) sneakers and my (wet) floor (from walking home in the rain), making a sticky mess.

At least it solved the question of “why do I keep feeling something gritty on the floor in front of my refrigerator even after my Roomba supposedly cleaned in here?”. 😛 Yup, it was the bag leaking trace amounts of granulated sugar on the floor each time I opened the refrigerator door.

I had to jump into disaster cleaning mode: dustbusted the larger piles of sugar and then set the Roomba on a few cycles of cleaning my kitchen floor area while I tossed my sneakers into the laundry and mopped my floor over and over again.

Saturday morning I was feeling a bit better about myself until I cut my left ring finger on a sharp corner of my filing cabinet. As I told my girlfriend, even though all these things were unrelated, and I’m not the superstitious type, it still had me feeling uneasy as if I were waiting for yet another shoe to drop or something bad to happen. What made this even more ridiculous was that I was then feeling warm as we were sitting in my car at a red light so she offered to help me take off my raincoat. As she helped me out from said jacket I pulled a muscle in my neck!

I felt better as the weekend went along but today I’ve been kind of “eh”. Tired and unmotivated and headachey. Going to bed early to see if that helps my mood. I’m also hoping Apple has some good news for me at their announcement in the morning; I sure could use a new Mac mini for my webserver…

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