Chromebook blogging

A few years ago I bought an eMate off of eBay to hopefully turn into some sort of blogging machine. Unfortunately, while it was a fun project to tinker with (I replaced its battery with a setup that could use either regular AA batteries or rechargeables!), I couldn’t really get any data on or off of it very easily if at all.

Today I was talking with my coworkers about rumored Apple MacBooks and one of them mentioned the old 11″ MacBook Air and I thought something like that would make a pretty nice blogging machine exactly how I originally intended my eMate to work. After looking at some 11″ MacBook Airs (…MacBooks Air?) on eBay I thought a Chromebook might do the trick. Found one for sale at MicroCenter for $200, placed my order, and picked it up on my way home. It’s an ASUS C202SA, and in the hour or so that I’ve spent playing with it I think it’ll work perfectly. Funny how both the eMate and this ASUS were both intended for education markets, but something that’s low-power with a good keyboard and not much other capabilities for writing or travel is exactly what I was looking for.

It’s sad that this $200 Chromebook has such a better keyboard than the current Apple laptops. When I saw this has a whole 2 millimeters of travel for its keys I thought it sounded perfect. I can’t stand the lack of key travel on the current MacBook Pro line, so I’m holding on to my 2012-model MacBook Pro with non-retina screen and multiple ports and replaceable components as my actual laptop for as long as I can.

This isn’t my first Chromebook, though. I had bought another one a few years ago to try out, but I found too many stumbling blocks for me and ended up returning it. Now that 1Password is available in the browser via 1Password X my biggest issue is solved! Now just to try it out for a week or two to see if it works as well as I hope.