One into four

So much stuff has happened in the last few months and I’ve been slacking about blogging. My friend Dave and I went on a trip to Nashville, I had followup doctor appointments to see how serious my fainting episode might have been (which seem to be not serious, thank goodness!), a first date has turned into four dates, et cetera, et cetera. I’ll probably just recap the dating experience as that’s the most recent of all the blog-worthy events that’s been happening, and I’m feeling pretty tired to type too much about it.

She (Graceanna, 29 years old) messaged me first on OkCupid about my profile brag that I’m good at returning lost cats to their owners to see if I’ve returned any lost cats recently (I saw a cat on my way home and fussed at it, but it didn’t appear to be lost so that doesn’t quite count). We got to talking and she asked if I was interested in meeting up.

Our first date was at the Board Room, a bar in DC that provides board games for rent. We rented Connect Four, but we ended up chatting for three hours and only played the game when we were preparing to go and realized we still hadn’t played at all. I suggested that maybe for a second date she could join me to visit some dairy farms around Maryland to sample ice cream (which is a weird date to suggest… anything you say has an undercurrent of “hey, want to ride around with me in my car and look at cows?”) if she was interested, and a few days later she texted me to say she’d like to go.

The Maryland state Department of Agriculture has this Ice Cream Trail where, if you visit each of the several dairy farms in the state that are part of the Trail and answer the dairy farm trivia question and get your passport stamped, you can mail it in for a chance to win a $50 gift card to one of the farms. We ended up going to four different farms over the course of the afternoon. I had brought a cooler with ice to bring back some ice cream; one of her friends wanted her to bring back some butter, and she was pleasantly surprised to find that I had brought my cooler. Apparently I won her friend over with my foresight and was declared to be a “functional human being”, haha.

The next day she was supposed to be leaving town for a three-week business trip to Uganda, but that trip ended being pushed back a week, so on Monday I got a text from Graceanna that she had a few more days in town and asked if I’d like to join her for dinner and an improv show. We went to an Italian place on 14th Street and the show was at the Source theatre and performed by troupes from the Washington Improv Theatre. It was Harold night and the two instructors I had for my improv workshop were actually in one of the troupes.

We said before we left that night that we should get together again before she had to leave that weekend, so a day or so later I suggested an after-hours event at the National Postal Museum for the PostSecret exhibit. We met up for dinner Friday evening and spent the night at the museum.

It’s hard for me to gauge how I feel like the relationship is going, though. I mean, I’m enjoying spending time with her, and she seems to be enjoying spending time with me, and though she doesn’t have a smartphone she gave me her iMessage contact info so we can still communicate while she’s overseas when she has a WiFi connection on her iPad, but I can’t tell if she’s comfortable with physical contact or if I’m just projecting my own anxieties. It’s probably me. :/ If I felt more confident about myself I’d be more excited about a first date turning into four dates, especially since I can’t remember the last time I’ve been on a fourth date. 😛 At least I have a psychologist appointment tomorrow to talk it through.

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