Vasovagal syncopation

Went to the doctor today. From discussing yesterday’s events it sounds like I had a vasovagal syncope. Took my blood pressure and an electrocardiogram and everything seemed ok. Tomorrow morning though I’m going to get a blood test, and then on Thursday afternoon I’m scheduled for an MRI (I still have a headache today, have occasionally had an earache lately, and an occasionally-questionable sense of balance for several months to a year or so now), and then a follow-up doctor’s appointment early next week.

Apparently during an vasovagal reaction your body gets confused in a moment of stress or excitement and sends blood to the wrong part of your body.

Dad: “So it could be because there was a pretty girl in line at checkout ahead of you?”

Well funnily enough, there was someone I was ahem checking out ahead of me in line when I got in line! I guess you could say she was…


…a knockout.

I got a call tonight from the grocery store’s risk management company to check in on me and see how I’m doing, and to find out how the store performed during the incident. I said they deserved gold stars, and if there was any way to pass along my commendations to their higher-ups to please do so. He was pleased to hear that and said he’d pass it along.

I haven’t done any running since March when I ran the Rock ‘n Roll half marathon in DC. No races, not even any training runs since then. I asked my doctor what he thinks about starting marathon training late next month and that’s something we’re going to work out. Even though I haven’t done any real sort of exercising in months, and even though I haven’t found the motivation to run lately, the thought of not being allowed to run made me unhappy. When I injured my foot a year ago and was under orders to not run for six weeks I’d see people out running during that time and would look on longingly and with jealousy.

I’m not looking forward to the MRI. I had an MRI on my foot and while I don’t think I’m claustrophobic, I could understand how one might be claustrophobic when undergoing an MRI, and that was only with having my feet in the MRI scanner. I’m not looking forward to this time going into the scanner head-first, torpedo style!