Tri scary things

Last weekend was Mother’s Day; Mom and Anne and I went to the National Arboretum because (according to Mom) “that’s the sort of thing you do on Mother’s Day, you take your mother to look at flowers.”

Later this week was a health and fitness expo at the office. I stopped by a few tables to browse what tchotchkes they had, entered my email address for a drawing or two, and picked up a few brochures. One was for a bicycle repair shop a few miles from my apartment and near my running trail. I’m not that interested in repairing my own bicycle, but I know nothing about repairing bicycles, and it might be good to know if the shop organizes any group rides or anything I can join sometime.

The other table where I stopped for more info was for the DC Triathlon Club. I’ve had a thought in the back of my mind that I might want to attempt a triathlon sometime, but I don’t know where to begin and thinking of even doing one is pretty intimidating. They apparently have a whole new-to-triathlon program, but it looks like it starts early each year and so the 2016 session is closed and underway. Even so, the people at the booth suggested I come out to one of their social events to get to know people and talk to them about the club. Still, it’s scary to me. I’m not that good of a swimmer, and I’ve got a bike but it’s not a fancy racing bike or anything like that. So… I dunno. The newbie program even says that people who don’t know how to swim are welcome and they’ll teach you how, but still it’s intimidating and I don’t know if I’m disciplined enough to train for one. I’m already signed up for my fourth marathon this fall but I haven’t done any running since I finished the Rock ‘n Roll half marathon back in March, and if I can’t be bothered to go for a run how likely will it be that I’ll make an effort to go to a pool to swim laps or ride my bike?

Yesterday I went on a first date in Takoma Park at a place called Republic. It went well, as well as a first date could go, and it’d be nice to see her again. She’s an architect and I found out today that there’s an open house of some tiny houses in DC tomorrow, so despite it being short notice I asked her if looking at house designs on her day off wouldn’t be too much like work if she’d be interested in going, but she’s busy tomorrow. *shrug* Like I said, it was short notice, so that’s understandable. I still feel a bit of anxiety reaching out to make that sort of invitation, that fear of rejection, especially if it’s regarding someone where I’m not quite certain what they think of me, but in my therapy sessions over the past month or two we’ve been working on having me adopt an attitude of “So what?” So what if I get rejected? So what if someone doesn’t care about me? Why should I let what someone thinks bother me? “So what?” has been a mantra that’s definitely been helping me.

Speaking of therapy, my mood has been doing very well over the past month or two. We talked a little bit today about maybe transitioning from a weekly meeting to every other week. Maybe I’ll start that in June. I’ve been meeting weekly ever since I started seeing my psychologist back in January / February last year (except for when I was out of the country on vacation last fall), and while going to therapy has been extremely helpful and while I’ve been making excellent progress lately, the thought of going half as often has me feeling ever so slightly nervous. But, I’ve been working well with coping strategies and reframing my attitude toward adverse, anxiety-producing, and depressive situations, and we talked about and acknowledged how I’ve been more open to trying things that scare me and bring me out of my comfort zone. Seeing my therapist less often will just have to be something that I’ll have to adapt to.