Musicbrainzzz zzz zzz zzz

I haven’t done much and I stayed in all weekend, so how is it Sunday evening already?? I did a little bit of cleaning, spent time importing more of my CDs, experimented with creating my own Musicbrainz server, watched some TV, and caught up on my personal blog-reading. That’s mainly what I can easily remember doing off the top of my head. For not doing much of anything I feel more exhausted than I should have a right to be. I want a nap.

I keep getting server unavailable errors when my CD ripping program tries to contact Musicbrainz, so that’s why I tried creating my own Musicbrainz server mirror, but a lot of work involved in creating my own mirror went nowhere. First I tried installing all the packages via Homebrew to host my own version on my home server, but that didn’t work. Then I tried starting up an AWS instance to host one in the cloud, but had trouble with that too. Eventually I settled for the easiest solution, run the provided VM with a fresh database dump on my home server, and point my beets configuration to the home server. Unfortunately the CD ripper I use, XLD, doesn’t have an option to point to another Musicbrainz installation but then I realized “oh, this is open source! I could just change the URL and recompile!” If only it was that easy; several hours and several unsuccessful attempts at finding and compiling necessary libraries later I gave up. At least the beets tagging portion is running much faster and more reliable now, but I’ll be glad when this music library re-ripping cleanup project is done.

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