Me from six years ago is a liar

This week I came down with really bad allergies. At least I thought they were allergies… at first I thought “I’m getting sick”, but then I looked at Timehop for what I did that day in the past and apparently six years ago that same day I had also thought that I was coming down with strep throat but my doctor said “nope, you just have really bad allergies”, so I figured “oh, I’m not getting sick, it’s probably just really bad allergies again.”

Fast forward to today. I’m still sneezing and feeling all gross in the sinuses and nose and whatever, and it’s been raining (rain is supposed to wash the pollen out of the sky, right?), and even what pollen was in the air was apparently the second-lowest peak on record. So, now I’m not sure what to think. It’s probably a bad head cold at this point, and not allergies. Also my Timehop for six years ago today had me waking up with a fever of 100.2°F and a doctor’s verdict of bronchial infection, so six years ago me tricked current me into assuming it was just allergies.

At least this head cold / super allergies / whatever has made it difficult to smell much of anything this week. There’s been some excitement in my condo building the last few weeks. A few months ago two new tenants moved in and coincidentally there was an increase in the number of times people have smelled (cigarette|weed) smoke in the building, and increase in noise (from shitty music and out of control children). All the clues seem to point to one of those particular tenants as being the cause. It got to be so bad that one tenant posted a note up about how it’s not fair that any of the tenants should have to put up with smelling smoke in their units, complaints were raised to the owners and/or the condo board, the building management posted a notice about being respectful of your neighbors, another neighbor solicited signatures to petition the condo board to put teeth behind the clauses concerning antisocial behavior, and an email went out basically reminding the unit owners that they are responsible for their tenants and if neither they nor their tenants can behave accordingly then they really have no business having a unit in these buildings. I met up yesterday with my neighbor who had solicited signatures after my bocce league game to introduce myself (she had lived here for 18 months and we had only ever seen each other a handful of times) and commiserate about the situation; when we got around to talking about the kids making so much noise (seriously, who gives a kid a new year’s eve party horn to blat at 11 PM on a random Thursday night?!) I mentioned how I could envision those kids killing any sort of romantic mood with that noise and she agreed that nothing would kill a romantic mood faster than hearing a kazoo. But if there’s been any smoke smell it’s been difficult for me to detect with this cold.

I would have thought that your body would do better with allergies as you grew older. I mean, doesn’t it make sense to think that as you acclimate to the types of pollen and allergens where you live that your body would react better? I can’t remember feeling this awful because of springtime allergies as a kid, so why are allergies kicking my butt as an adult? That seems backwards.

Oh yeah, I joined a bocce league recently. It’s through the United Social Sports league, so it’s mainly about having fun and making new friends and then going out to the bar after the game. I didn’t know anyone else playing so I joined the league as a free agent and was assigned to a team, and my team is pretty chill. Apparently there are other teams they’ve played in the past that were really hardcore about being the bocce champions of the world or something and kept super-detailed statistics on each of their team members and basically took all the fun out of the game. I didn’t know how to play before I signed up but I read instructions online and found that it’s really similar to curling except that the bocce version of the button moves each round. Also the winning team doesn’t buy the losing team the beer ((In this particular case, the winning team gets a voucher for buy-one-get-one pitchers of Bud Light. Not my beer of choice but, hey, free beer is free beer.)), so – Italians, be more like the Canadians, eh?