Though I’ve felt pretty good overall this past week, and don’t feel sad or especially depressed or anything, I still feel this kind of awkward, emotional drain where I just want to lie down and cry myself to sleep (and I don’t even feel like doing that!). Partly because I just don’t feel like there’s anything for me to do tonight. Well, that’s not true. More like there’s not really much else for me to do or that I feel like doing. I’ve already been pretty productive – building and soldering a cable to go in my car to charge my GPS, and finished listening to a podcast and had dinner and watched tv and read through some RSS feeds and so on – but once all that was done I couldn’t really think of anything I wanted to do. I wasn’t in the mood to read or watch a movie or do any one of various things that came to my mind, and it felt like it was too early to go to bed.

I’d like to write about how I went to a speed dating event last week (it went well! met a few girls there I enjoyed talking to, but from their online profiles I found some fundamental differences so I’m not pursuing them), went to a happy hour for my running group (I’m pleased I encouraged myself to go!), signed up for an introductory improv class (it’s not for another week or three, but my psychologist thinks it’d be good for me, so I’ll see if I like the free class before I sign up), and celebrated my 33rd birthday (with friends on Saturday, and with family on Monday), but those summaries are about as good as you’ll get out of me at the moment. I’m just not feeling doing much of anything tonight.

I guess this mean’s it’s a good time as any to just sit back and quietly reflect and not do anything.