Electronic renaissance

I have to keep reminding myself that tomorrow I’m to go to see Belle and Sebastian in concert. Even though I bought my ticket and have it on my calendar, I keep forgetting that it’s here already. Perhaps because it doesn’t feel like it’s June already.

After sleeping on my Chromebook purchase I’m almost certain I’m going to return it. I like the concept of the Chromebook, but I don’t think I could get over the quality of the device. I think I remember reading a quote from Marco Arment that went something like “If you’re going to spend more than an hour a day using something, get the best you can afford” or something like that. Even if I’m not planning on using it for more than an hour each day, a squirrely trackpad that I may or may not get used to + a display that doesn’t have a decent viewing angle + writing software that doesn’t make writing as easy as I’d like for, you know, a writing machine + a poor web-browsing-only experience due to a lack of synced passwords = I’m not going to end up using it anywhere near as much as I anticipated. I’m sure higher-end Chromebooks might address some of the quality issues, but not only does that defeat the purpose of having a low-cost machine to pound away on, it still doesn’t fix the software issues I encountered. Oh well.

Speaking of laptops, after writing about how my MacBook Pro is a few years old but still runs well, it started randomly crashing hard enough to restart itself. I noticed some display glitches recently, but I’m not sure if that’s because of the display it’s connected to, or the machine itself, or even if those display glitches are related to the crashes. There’s one or two things about this machine that I prefer over the current models (MagSafe vs. MagSafe 2 being the main one), and while they still sell this model, upgrading it to the same specs as my current one ends up costing as much as a new current model; a retina screen, more RAM, and a faster processor for $200 more. I’m in no rush to upgrade, but in the meantime I’m keeping an eye on its reliability and saving my work often. 😛