I'd think of a witty title if I weren't falling asleep after today

I feel like I’ve been making some good progress in my therapy sessions lately. I’m finding that they’re a perfect opportunity for me to work on thinking critically on how I act and how I can best react to my emotions.

My therapist is moving on to a new practice. Well, technically, she’s moving on to her own practice; her contract at the current organization ends at the end of May, and she’s starting a practice of her own. When I found out I knew I wanted to keep working with her, so I’m following her off to her new practice. Speaking of which, a few days after she said that her website wasn’t up quite yet, I went to see if it was online and found out that she was a voice actress on the TV show Happy Tree Friends. It’s odd to see behind-the-scenes cast videos online and there’s your psychologist doing cartoon voices, hahaha.

One of the reasons why I went to Tour de Fat today was because I’m trying to work on getting out of the house to socialize and interact with people more. At first today I didn’t want to – I woke up later than planned, I didn’t want to make the trip down to Yards Park, etc. – but eventually I kicked myself out of the house and went. I’m glad I went as I had a good time, but the downside to kicking myself out of the house for the purpose of interacting with people is that I kind of feel like if I don’t end up having some sort of meaningful social interaction with women that it was a failure of a trip and I feel bad about myself. Ugh. I need to work on convincing myself that having such expectations is unrealistic, but I’m also tired of feeling lonely.

I had planned to get in touch with my friend Caryn about maybe hanging out this weekend but I never had an opportunity to do so. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to see if she’ll be free for next weekend, but I’m also considering trying to take the MARC train up to Baltimore to get a haircut next Saturday. I definitely need one.

I also finally had the mole on my chin removed earlier this week. It’s still healing, and I hope it’s healing nicely. I’ll just have to keep an eye on it and see. It didn’t hurt at all to have it removed, but after leaving the dermatologist’s office on Tuesday morning I bled through my bandage in probably about 5 minutes. I ended up heading to a CVS to get bandages and then to a public park and a public restroom to fix myself up as I was dripping blood all over the place. I’m hoping this will heal over sooner rather than later as I’d like to not have to wear a band-aid on my chin for much longer.