You had me at "hello"

I still haven’t gotten around to fulfilling the current task in Rules of The Game. I’m supposed to go up to 3+ women and ask them for a menswear recommendation, but I’m finding it difficult to start the conversation. Maybe I should go back and tackle the previous assignment where I have to call up three wrong numbers and convince them to give me a movie recommendation. I thought that I don’t have any difficulty steering a conversation back towards a particular topic, but perhaps I do. Ugh. I don’t know. I need to treat this as something like flossing: it’s something that I should do, something that needs to be done, but something I don’t enjoy doing so I give myself more incentive to do so. ((Like buying a Waterpik flosser.)) I just need to find out what that incentive is that’ll make it more enjoyable for me. Or I should just man up and get it over with.

I feel like I keep trying to come up with a clever line to use as an opener and then I start thinking of how the conversation might go and then I don’t bother. I should really just start with “hello” and see what I end up saying from there.

I should make something up like Foodie Dice, but for challenges like this. Kind of a randomized rejection game, but for social interactions.

I think too if I make more time to journal – like now, just before bed – that would be helpful for me. I had been so caught up in using iAWriter that I forgot it didn’t have a night mode, while Byword does. I prefer Byword’s “Typewriter Mode” more than iAWriter’s “Focus Mode” anyway. I’ll probably still stick with iAWriter on the iPad, however.

I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing tomorrow; I don’t have any particular plans in mind, but I’d like to go out for a coffee or a bagel or something and tinker with my Fitzness webapp some more. Spent some time thinking about it today and I’m thinking about releasing it as free software once I get it to a stage where I’m comfortable doing so. That’d mean adding some server-side variable checking/sanitizing at the very least. I did find a particular GNU GPL license that would be suited for this project as a webapp where if someone released a version of it to the public then they’d have to release their modifications. I wouldn’t mind people implementing it for their own use – that’s what it’s designed for – but if someone were to come along and try to turn it into a more public piece of software I’d like to be able to run that myself. Plus, there’s also the possibility of getting some people to add features to my code, which would be nice.

We found out at work yesterday that we should be getting the extension for a few months. It sounds like it’d be a max of six months, but some of the government folks in charge of us seem to think it’d be six months at a minimum. Anyway, the good news is it sounds like I’ll still have a job for the immediate future!

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