Six months out of every year

I figured that I’d go to Easter mass today with the family, but for a while this morning it seemed as if I wasn’t expected to go. I ended up driving myself; when I couldn’t find parking at church I contemplated parking at home and walking there, but realized there was parking across the street on the other side of Bestgate Road. I didn’t really mind going, but I figured that if I didn’t go or make an effort when I couldn’t find any parking that I’d get yelled at for it. Went with the family afterwards to Aunt Ellen and Uncle Jack’s for Easter lunch. I’m just going to stay at Mom and Dad’s again tonight and go from there to work tomorrow morning.

It’s going to be a mess going home from work tomorrow, though. The Nationals start their season-opening game at 4 PM, so it’s going to be starting right around when I’ll be leaving.

Cleaned up a bunch of my emails tonight and went through my backlog of OkCupid suggested users. I wasn’t impressed with what I saw, though. Oh well.

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