Houses and homes

Went to the gym two days ago and cycled, did some core strengthening exercises, used the elliptical, and did some weight lifting. Then the next day I went to yoga. Needless to say, my arms aren’t very happy with me right now (but I did do pretty well for the core strength exercises during yoga!). When I got home I did some more ab exercises (I’m trying a 30-day ab workout), showered, and then crashed on the couch and watched Eddie Murphy’s “Raw”.

I was planning on going to a tiny house exhibition today – a girl I was chatting with on OkCupid clued me in to the organization – but since I was so exhausted last night I slept through half of the exhibition. Oh well, not too upset about it. I ended up going to Mom and Dad’s instead to help set up their new home phones, helped Anne pick out a fitness tracker at the mall, and went out with everyone to dinner at Mission BBQ. The food was ok, but the decor was a bit unnerving – all sorts of police and fire and military insignia all around you. I’m not comfortable with that sort of hero worship.

I’m still working on that Rules of The Game 30-day tutorial. I haven’t really been following it, though, since most of the things it’s told me to do have been things that I didn’t really think I needed to do (start conversations with five strangers and make a note of their eye color), or things that would have been dumb for me to do (calling people at 10 PM when I got home from yoga to get them to recommend a movie!). Next step is asking three women for menswear recommendations. I guess I could try that, but that’ll wait until Monday.