Beer equity

Today I had the day off from work so I could get my foot checked out; after the initial diagnosis of metatarsalgia a few weeks ago I wanted a second opinion from another sports medicine practice. This is the same practice I went to when I had a stress fracture in my leg from running, but a different doctor (this time was with a podiatrist). They took X-Rays and checked out my foot and couldn’t really find anything wrong with it so I’m going ahead with getting orthopedic inserts for my shoes with metatarsal pads. They offered to give me a prescription to have an MRI done (I figured that I’d go for a run so it’d bother me, and then schedule the MRI appointment to get it checked out since it wasn’t really bothering me right now. Might as well give them something to look at, right?), but apparently my insurance first wants me to have six weeks of care with this doctor before they’ll approve an MRI? I’m not quite sure of the specifics. In any case, no running for me for six weeks. The sports medicine place is going to follow up with my insurance to see if they might be able to work something out in the meantime.

Afterwards I went to my therapy appointment and talked about how maybe I’m not so much afraid of rejection as I am afraid of being rude or inconsiderate? I’m always trying to be conscientious of others and guard how I act and behave in new situations and I think that causes me to tend to act much more conservatively than I’d normally act with people or situations I’m confortable with. We talked about how I’m still struggling with this particular task from Rules of the Game and how I need some kind of incentive to carry it out. Not just positive incentive, but I need to have some sort of consequence if I don’t do what I intend to by the time I intend to do it. Since I was headed out to Georgetown later today with Dave to exchange his iPhone I figured that it’d be an opportune time to remedy this, and as a consequence I could buy Dave a beer if I didn’t. I ended up asking one girl we saw about the Nike run club, but didn’t do what my task was, so I bought him a beer like I said I would. I’ll try again tomorrow.

In between my psychologist appointment and meeting up with Dave I hung out in a few parks downtown and did some reading and sat and people-watched. Not too much exciting, but it was a nice day to just sit and relax and enjoy the weather.

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