Been a while since I wrote here. Been lazy.

My right foot has been bothering me for the past month and a half, so last week I went to a sports medicine specialist (who I partly chose because she ran cross-country in college, and partly because she was attractive :P) to get it checked out. Turns out it’s something called metatarsalgia, and long story short I now have a prescription and an appointment scheduled for an orthopedist to check it out and measure me for metatarsalgia pads. That appointment isn’t until April though.

My friend Monica was visiting the last week or so for work, but we had a few chances to hang out. At one point I told her how I’d been working with my therapist to try to get me to be more social and try to get back into dating again. Monica said something like “women are waiting to find a great guy like you and you’re not letting them!” which made me think I should stop being so wishy-washy and go ahead and start proactively contacting women on online dating sites again. That’s fine and all, but I still need encouragement to be more social in person. There’s a few meetup groups I’ve joined that should hopefully help get me out and meeting people, though.

Takeaway from today’s therapy session is trying to turn social outings into a game of some sort so they’re more fun for me to attend, and thus create more incentive for me to attend. Also, be more open to asking open-ended questions when meeting people.

The foot pain and the bad weather lately has kept me from running, but yesterday was the first warm day that I had a chance to go out for a run, which was nice. My foot didn’t bother me at all during that run, but just those two miles wore me out. Hopefully my stamina will come back once I get back into running regularly. The downside was that I skipped out on a networking social event I had planned to attend (if we’re being real, I talked myself out of going).

Last night Monica and Dave and Tom and I went to see Jukebox the Ghost at the 9:30 Club. Fun times, not particulary my type of music (I enjoyed the opening acts more), but still good. Didn’t get to sleep until almost 1 AM, so I’m feeling extra tired tonight.