Winning a motoring award

I got my first-ever “motoring award” ((Speeding citation.)) in the mail yesterday. 36 in a 25. $100. Figures that this would occur just when every other speed camera in the city is apparently broken. Oh well.

I decided last night to upgrade the software on my server just before bed. Well, that was a mistake; PHP issues had me uninstalling and reinstalling PHP and the Apache web server to get my website working again, so instead of going to bed at midnight like I would have if I didn’t try upgrading, I ended up going to bed around 2 AM. Less than six hours of sleep, hooray! ((Not hooray.)) At least I was able to put together some views for my quantitative self database to collect my exercise data in one place, and also to create an agenda for my strength exercises.

Work today was uneventful but busy. I’ve got my hands in a few different projects so there’s always something to do, which is nice.

After work today I went to a happy hour that my gym was throwing at a restaurant in the same neighborhood as my office and gym. I didn’t feel so awkward there, but having alcohol and a task (fill out this card with the names of three new people and something interesting you’ve learned about each) probably helped. I’d like to work on my self confidence when booze and party games aren’t involved. Unfortunately no-one there caught my eye (well, not enough attraction or interaction for me to feel like asking for her number) ((Excuses, excuses.)), though one girl that I chatted with the most there gave me one of the flyers for gym membership “in case you’re interested in joining.” “But I’m already a member!” Not sure if she was flirting with me there or not but she’s also apparently allergic to cats, so OH WELL.

Speaking of, I listened to that episode of the Invisibilia podcast that my psychologist recommended, the episode on fear, and it was really interesting. The guy who was interviewed had created a “rejection therapy” where every day he had to do something to be rejected by someone to get used to that feeling. That may be something to keep in mind. I also found a book on dating that was written by some woman doctor (so that’s pretty strong evidence that it’s not going to be like the douchey pickup-artist books) called Changing Your Game: A Man’s Guide to Success With Women. I’ll probably read through some of that this weekend.