So my new project manager asked us for our office and cell phone numbers. No big deal, right? After I emailed mine, one of my coworkers sent out his office number and said how his personal cell phone was “for personal use only”, and that if the company wanted to pay his cell phone bill then he’d be happy to use it for work purposes. I don’t know why, but reading that gave me a slight anxiety attack. Maybe it’s because of knowing that I can be contacted and put on the spot at any time now? I mean, in my last job, I hated hated HATED helping out on the phone queue because I never knew when my next call would come in and didn’t like wondering if I’d be able to help them out with their issue.

Give me a letter or email or something that I can digest on my own terms in my own time. I’m much more comfortable with things like that.

My left eye has been twitching a lot lately and it’s getting to be quite annoying.

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