Mental health day

I ended up taking today off from work as I felt that I could use a mental health day. After yesterday’s Metro disaster if I wanted to get to work and avoid taking the train I had to wake up at 7 and would have to catch the H8 bus at 8 AM, transfer to the P6 at Rhode Island Avenue, and wouldn’t arrive at the office until almost 9:30. 90 minutes of commute, and then another 90 minutes commuting back home.

I woke up at 7 planning to take that route to work, but when I heard on the radio how Metro was running Green line trains again I turned my alarm off and and thought about taking my usual route into work at my usual time but I just felt mentally exhausted. I have to admit that I also felt a bit anxious about riding the train, too. I haven’t had time to relax since before the holidays (it’s felt like every weekend or day off from work I’ve had something I’ve had to do or take care of, or been busy in some fashion), so I emailed my supervisor and manager and said that I was taking the day off.

I have my work laptop here at home with me but I’m planning on doing nothing that resembles work either personally or professionally. No work stuff. No fiddling around with my quantitative self tracker. Today’s plan is to do nothing.