Hot and humid

Sometimes you need to warm up and it’s no use cranking the heat in your apartment way up when it’s just you that’s cold, and I mean cold. Bundling up in blankets and such is fine and all to stay warm, but becoming warm – that’s the problem. After a recent walk home in the cold and taking forever to warm up I ordered a space heater for my apartment.

Bertie kept wanting to investigate it, but the hot air it was blowing kept making him all squinty-eyed.

Squinty Bertie

He retreated to sit by the cool air coming out of the humidifier (another recent purchase. See it in the top-left of the above picture?) where he could study the space heater from a distance.

Bertie by Humidifier

Soon, however, he came back over. Guess he just couldn’t resist being warm, being a cat and all.

Bertie Returns to Sit by the Heater

One final inspection after I turned it off. I don’t think he’s encountered anything that puts out as much concentrated heat like this does.

Investigating the Space Heater

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