Secret Heart (radio edit)

After blogging on here for the past two months, one thing that I’ve come to miss from the days when I used to write on LiveJournal is knowing exactly who has the potential to read a given entry, being able to lock down a particular post so only certain logged-in people can read it. I didn’t actually know back in the old LiveJournal days whether someone might have been reading a particular post unless they happened to comment on it but just knowing that persons A, B, and C could read it, and persons X, Y, Z likely couldn’t definitely helped tailor my writing for a particular audience.

Sometimes there are some things where you just want to write them out and get them out of your mind or off your chest but I’ve always felt like writing things without an audience is a bit of a pointless exercise. Sure, there’s the option to password-protect a post so you have to know the password to see it, but I don’t know who’s reading this site, and you kind of need to know who’s out there in order to give them the password. Even then, how many of those people would even be bothered to put in the password to read the rare password-protected entry?