Mr. Apollo

Had my first personal training session today. When I signed up for my new gym (conveniently located next to my office) I figured that I might as well sign up for personal training sessions right then because otherwise I’d keep putting it off and putting it off. The gym just opened up about a month ago, and I made my first trip there last week and scheduled my first session for today.

Usually when I go to a gym to exercise I pretty much stick to cardio, being a runner and all. Treadmills, maybe a stationary bicycle, perhaps the rowing machine if I want to do some upper-body work, but that’s usually about it. My main goal with the personal training is to work on upper-body and core strength. (I started practicing yoga about a year ago for core strength as well and have really been enjoying that.)

I arrived early (what with it being right next to my office there’s no excuse for me not to go or be late) and killed time on one of the stationary bicycles. Ended up riding that for about 9 miles over 30 minutes. Then when it came time for the personal training session first we had an evaluation (age, weight, determining percentage of body fat, etc.) and then a few exercises: step up and down for three minutes then a check of the pulse, do some squats to check form. Then some suspension exercises, followed by some push-ups, then more suspension exercises, and more push-ups, and more suspension exercises.

Anyway, I might have overexerted myself. My arms felt like jelly during the second set of push-ups. What can I say? My arms don’t exactly compare with arm wrestling champ Matthias Schlitte’s left arm, let alone his right.

I felt lightheaded and had to sit down. After a bit of sitting, we walked back to the training desk (if I’m being kind: “I had to be helped”; if I’m being honest: as embarrassing as it is to admit, I started to black out and walked into a wall. Too much info?). Not exactly how I hoped my first training session would go! It’s always a bit weird doing something for the first time and not really knowing your limits.

Next session is in two days.