Contingency has a capital 'C' that rhymes with 'P' and stands for "Pizza"

I learned today that buying all the ingredients for a recipe ((and cookies for dessert. A dearth of sweets in my apartment had me eating bagels lately for dessert. I guess it’s easier to pretend you’re eating a cookie if you’re eating something round to begin with.)) means nothing if all the cookware you need to prepare it is dirty in the dishwasher. Yes, I could have run the dishwasher when I got home and cooked dinner when it finished, but when you’re starting to feel hungry and the recipe says it’d take 30 minutes to cook, and the fastest load of your dishwasher would add an hour on top of that, it’s time for a contingency plan, and “contingency” has a capital ‘C’ that rhymes with ‘P’ that stands for “Pizza”.

I recently discovered that there’s a Ledo’s pizza parlor about ten minutes away from where I live. There are other pizza options that are closer, but either they’re fancier than what I was in the mood for (&Pizza), or I’ve grown unhappy with for one reason or another (Domino’s) ((Lately my go-to pizza of choice has been DiGiorno rather than any dine-in or delivery option.)). So, a quick drive to Ledo’s, and a quick drive back with my pizza.

I thought it was funny that the pizza box said “made fresh daily”, as if there’s a stack of pre-made pizzas sitting in a back room just waiting for someone to order that particular combination of toppings.