Beast mode

Today was my third and last day of personal training. Well, last at least until I sign up for another package of sessions since it’s something that I definitely want to continue doing. My training was scheduled for 5 PM but I had to have it rescheduled to 7 when I showed up and discovered I was missing part of my workout attire. Lesson: don’t forget to pack your gym shorts. I blame quickly throwing things into packing my gym bag last night with a raging headache that was making me feel sick and I just wanted to lie down and pass out as soon as possible.

Today was “beast mode” as my trainer put it: rope whips, pushups, medicine ball throwing, planks. Lots of core workout exercises and calisthenics.

Stopped by the grocery store next door afterwards to pick up cat litter ((26.3 lbs!! As if my arms didn’t hate me enough already! At least I drove to the gym/grocery so I didn’t have to haul it home on the train and bus.)) and find something for dinner. Jury’s still out as to which is better for you: McDonald’s ((Last resort in case I couldn’t find something I was in the mood for at the grocery.)), or the frozen burritos I bought ((Bertie just jumped up and got a sniff of my burritos and then tried to bury them, so I guess I know his opinion on the matter.)).