If you don't get it, you don't get it

If I hadn’t already cancelled my Washington Post digital subscription earlier this week because their iPad app was buggy I’d be giving serious thought right now as to whether I would want to continue my subscription.

Compromise needed on smartphone encryption – The Washington Post:

A police “back door” for all smartphones is undesirable — a back door can and will be exploited by bad guys, too. However, with all their wizardry, perhaps Apple and Google could invent a kind of secure golden key they would retain and use only when a court has approved a search warrant. Ultimately, Congress could act and force the issue, but we’d rather see it resolved in law enforcement collaboration with the manufacturers and in a way that protects all three of the forces at work: technology, privacy and rule of law.

Seriously, Washington Post editorial board? A “secure golden key” that only Apple or Google would retain would be (guess what!) A BACK DOOR.

I guess this means the editorial board wouldn’t mind if their secure dropbox was accessible via a “secure golden key” as well.