2013 In Review

Time for the annual previous year in review post (which I’ve been lazy about posting, so it’s several months late)!



  • I started a new job! After 10 years with my old employer, I’m now a business analyst working as a contractor in the US Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.
  • I went to my first professional basketball game. I’m not really a basketball fan – I’m more into baseball and hockey than basketball or football – but some friends of mine thought it’d be fun to go.2013-01-04-18.48.40-HDR
  • Mom, Dad and I saw an exhibit of Lichtenstein’s art at the National Gallery of Art.
  • I bought and received an awesome limited-edition signed Classic Mac print from Susan Kare, the designer of the original set of Macintosh icons.Susan Kare print
  • I started work on my first Arduino project, a notification screen to tell me how long it’ll be until the next bus arrives at my bus stop. It also involved me learning to solder for my first time, too. I got sidetracked after a few weeks and still haven’t yet finished it, though.Arduino bus project


  • My friend Monica came to visit. We saw the Ai Weiwei exhibit at the Hirshhorn…Hirshhorn Ai Weiwei exhibit

    …toured a few breweries and distilleries, and ate at Nando’s a lot.

  • I visited the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore.
  • I attended the premiere of “The Legend of Cool ‘Disco’ Dan”, a documentary on a graffiti artist in DC, and the history of DC from the 1970s through the 1990s.

    The showing was followed by a question and answer session with the filmmakers, and narrator Henry Rollins.

  • Our cat Gadget passed away.


  • I went to DC Donut Fest, with all-you-can-eat donuts, samples from local donut bakeries, and a donut-eating competition.DC Donut Fest donut-eating competition

    After I stuffed myself on donuts, I went to Indochino’s traveling tailors while they were in town to be fitted for a custom suit. Better to be fitted for a suit after all-you-can-eat donuts than before!

  • I met track runner and Olympian Julie Culley at the DC Road Runners’ annual banquet.Me with Julie Culley
  • I met my friend Sara who was in Baltimore for a science conference.
  • The Corcoran Museum of Art had Artini, a fundraiser preceded by feature nights hosted at several bars around DC.

    Presented by the Corcoran’s 1869 Society, ARTINI is a vibrant evening of art, cocktails, entertainment, and dancing. The gala is the culmination of a month-long celebration in which eight mixologists from the District’s most prominent restaurants and bars compete to see who can create the most artistic martini.

    I attended one or two of their feature nights to sample a few cocktails ahead of time, and dressed up fancy for the event itself. It was pretty smart to attend the feature nights to try a few of the martinis ahead of time as the event itself was so packed and lines for some of the bars were so long it was impossible to try all the drinks during the actual event.

  • I got a flat tire.Flat tire

    My car wasn’t very pleased.

    Car warning


Hello Ladies traffic sign

  • Metro Collective, a group of photojournalists I assist who are based in DC, opened a studio space and hosted a studio warming party complete with portrait sessions. This one’s by Michael Bonfigli.Portrait by Michael Bonfigli
  • I went on what was probably the first and last time I’d go on a first date at 7 AM, to cheer on runners at the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler. A few days later I went after work to enjoy the cherry blossoms on my own. It’s nice to be working in the city and to have that opportunity to wander over to the tidal basin on my way home from work.Jefferson Memorial and cherry blossoms
  • I bought Bertie a cat-cam. It’s on a timer, usually set to take a picture every three seconds, so now he can take pictures as he roams around.Bertie with cat cam
  • I went on a tour of my office building’s green roof for Earth Day.DOT green roof

    Being as this was at the Department of Transportation, they also had examples of green vehicles as well, such as one of the cars made by Tesla.

    Tesla cockpit

  • I look pretty scruffy in the pictures of me so far – I was growing a playoff beard for the Washington Capitals as part of a bet with a friend of mine. Once they were eliminated, gone went the playoff beard.After playoff beard

    For your information, I don’t look good with just a mustache.

    After playoff beard - mustache

  • I had several friends running the Nike Womens’ Half Marathon. I drew a poster and went with some friends to cheer them on.


  • I went on a tour of a net-zero home, designed to be highly energy efficient and expected to create as much electricity in a year as it uses. It was a very interesting and informative tour, and something I’d like to explore more in the future when it comes time for me to buy a home.
  • I met the outgoing Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood.Photo with Ray LaHood
  • I saw some of the filming for the Captain America sequel movie take place. Mostly it was a lot of standing around and then the stunt double would ride a motorcycle for 10 seconds.Captain America filming
  • My friend Paul got married.
  • I ran the DC Road Runners’ Singles Mingle 5K at National Harbor. Good run, but not much mingling to be done.
  • My friend Jenni and I went to see “Showboat” as the Kennedy Center’s Opera in the Outfield simulcast at Nationals Park.
  • Vendors occasionally set up in the courtyard next to my office during the week; one day I was able to try some ice cream flavored to order, and made with liquid nitrogen.Liquid nitrogen ice cream


  • I ran the Baltimore 10-Miler. I think it’s probably the first ten miler I’ve ever done?
  • I attended a seminar on data visualization taught by Edward Tufte, and was able to get his autograph.Edward Tufte autograph
  • The DC Road Runners held their Women’s Distance Festival, and I ran in the subsequent Run After the Women 5K.
  • A report I helped write for work was sent to Congress.


  • Saw the 4th of July fireworks from the Mall. It was mostly a last-minute decision since I didn’t really feel like fighting the crowds, but I had no issues at all getting downtown and hopped on a Capital BikeShare bike to get back home.
  • My friend Jae moved away from DC and back to the west coast. We celebrated with a potluck going away party.


  • I celebrated my 31st birthday!
  • My friends Eryn and Lauren and I went to the DC Road Runners Cross Country Race and Picnic. We didn’t do any of the cross country running, but did plenty of picnicking!
  • My friend Monica hosted a webcomic event at Bad Decisions, my friend John’s bar in Baltimore.


  • My parents went on a trip to the United Kingdom, so I spent a few weeks cat-sitting at their house.
  • I was able to run on one of the runways at Dulles International Airport for their Dulles Day 5K.
  • My sister Anne and I attended Small Press Expo in Bethesda and picked up plenty of comics to read.
  • There was a shooting at the Navy Yard adjacent to my office.


  • As part of the government shutdown, I was out of work for two weeks. I spent much of it catching up on reading, learning to program Python, and went on a few day trips with Dad.
  • I ran the Marine Corps Marathon, my second marathon. I finished in 4:47:01, about 35 minutes faster than my previous marathon!
  • I was invited for a behind the scenes tour of Reagan National Airport.
  • My friend Dave and I saw Neko Case in concert at the Lincoln Theater.
  • My sister Kelly came to town to visit for a few days.


  • I met astronaut Chris Hadfield at the Air and Space Museum and was able to get him to sign his book for me.
  • I joined the Shack Track and Field run.
  • Metro Collective held an event at The Coupe, a bar / diner in DC, as one of the events for FotoWeekDC.
  • I joined DC Road Runners’ winter marathon training program. I haven’t picked out a winter marathon yet, though.
  • My friends Dave, Tom and Kat joined me for the DC Metro MINIs club “MINIs Take The Beltway” run.
  • I took my first yoga class at Yoga District.
  • My marathon training pace group joined up for a happy hour and to hang out for the first time since our marathons. Little did we know the bar we had picked was going to have trivia night that night.
  • I spent Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle’s with Grandaddy and other family members from my Dad’s side of the family.


  • My Mom and a few of my aunts and I gathered at my Mom’s office for her company’s holiday party and to view the Annapolis Parade of Lights.
  • Grandaddy passed away at the age of 91. 🙁
  • I found out that I’m going to be an uncle! My sister Kelly has a due date in late July.
  • MINI organized a MINI Cooper owners’ gift swap, and I received a great guide to scenic roads and a new MINI friend in Arizona.