#5341 – exotic lands

i was watching episodes of top gear tonight. i still have to catch up on doctor who, but after watching lots of doctor who for weeks straight i’m taking a little break, and i don’t have to pay too much attention to top gear… anyway, i was sprawled on my couch, browsing the web on my ipad, half paying attention to this review of some volvo on top gear when i heard something that sounded an awful lot like “dansi dans”, a song by the band “for a minor reflection”. i sat up, rewound the recording, and gave it a second listen – yep, even though it was only the beginning of the song, it was definitely “dansi dans”. i thought it was especially neat since bruno_boy and i met and interviewed the band at the icelandic ambassador’s residence back in february. radio krud is moving up in the world!

i’d like to visit iceland sometime. i also want to go on a cruise somewhere too. i bumped into one of my coworker friends in the office today and she’s leaving on her first cruise on saturday – i’m not sure where she’s going, but she said she’s worried that she might be bored. that’s pretty much the reason why i want to go – i just want to sit back and relax and be pampered, hahaha. there’s a few destinations i have in mind, but then again i don’t know where i’d really want to go, there are so many possibilities. thing is, i wouldn’t want to get on some cruise with a bunch of geriatrics, and it’d be nice to meet some single ladies my age and not have the cruise be filled with couples. 😛 i wonder what would be a good cruise line for someone like me?