#5337 – inspiration and perspiration

one funny thing about me: i collect quotes. i have a folder in my dropbox with 32 favorite quotes so far starting a few months ago, mostly from people on twitter, that i thought were clever or inspirational. i used to save these to my evernote account, but text files in my dropbox work just as well if not better.

whenever i need a pick-me-up i go in this folder and i browse through, and it almost never fails to make me feel better about myself. even when i don’t need a pick-me-up it’s a damn good pep talk and a kick in the pants when i need it. i favorite these on twitter, but i favorite so many things, and it’s nice to have my own “chicken soup for the soul”-esque collection of quotes handy.

they’re not even all from people you’d think would be quoted in a collection of inspirational quotes. take this one, for example:

“Hey, if ya want it, go get it! If you get shut down, kick the fucking haters in the teeth. Nobody is gonna hand your dreams to you! #work” – Dave Coleman (September 27, 2011, 11:46 PM)

know who dave coleman is? he’s a bartender in dc, and also president of a local brewery. i’ve never met him, though i saw him once when i was hanging out at meridian pint (which is probably the closest thing to my local watering hole since i’ve been there 3 or 4 times so far. nice place, good selection. was helped twice by a smart barmaid, and she was very cute, too. i need to go back again sometime. anyway.) dave doesn’t bartend at meridian pint, he just happened to come in for their event that night, and it’s hard not to recognize someone who describes themselves in their twitter profile as dr teeth’s doppelganger. (his beard has its own twitter account.)

in any case, how many bartenders would you find in a “chicken soup for the soul” type book? probably not many, though sometimes bartenders have great advice.

sorry, i’m rambling.

i was moping earlier tonight: i’d swear that every job application i submit just goes into a black hole somewhere. i’ve submitted job applications for i don’t know how many companies over this year, and at this point if the job application asks about the last time i ever applied for a job at xyz company it’s going to involve a lot of head-scratching on my end to remember if and when i ever did apply for a job there before. i was moping about some other personal relationship-stuff too, but i’m feeling better now (and looking forward to seeing gaiadea on monday while she’s in town!). anyway, here’s the key things i took away from looking at my quotes…

“#NASATweetup preview: @Astro_Ferg wasn’t selected to be an astronaut until the 3rd time he applied. Persistence pays off!” – Stephanie Schierholz (October 13, 2011, 9:00 AM)

“Even the guy who invented Toaster Strudel had problems. You would assume his life was perfect but you would be mistaken.” – Anthony Clark (October 6, 2011, 3:56 PM)

“Never take for granted the comfort of your own bed.” – Diva Zappa (October 7, 2011, 1:49 AM)