#5333 – we're in the money

last night i had a bizarre 3-part dream:

part 1: stueypark and i coached a kids hockey team, but only so we could beat up the kids in hockey fights.

part 2: i was trying to control people parachuting on an aircraft carrier like it was some video game.

part 3: i rode in the ocean on a giant inflatable rabbit, as if it were a bucking bronco in a rodeo, sandwiched between janet wood and chrissy snow from “three’s company”, all the while accompanied by the tune for the song “we’re in the money”. the two other people didn’t look like joyce dewitt or suzanne somers, but to me they were hotter than that, and somehow i just knew that the brunette and the blonde were supposed to be these two characters from that tv sitcom.

i think this third dream beat out the first two ones. accordingly, i’ve had “we’re in the money” stuck in my head all day today.

one of my fraternity brothers sent out a call for help on our chapter’s email list, he’s looking for someone to work with him as a project manager at his office. i gave him my details and my resume, and though i’m light on project management experience he’s going to pass it along anyway. i doubt i’ll get it, but he offered to talk with me sometime about possible job opportunities in his department. the good thing too is that his office is only about 3.5 miles away from my apartment, so hello easy commute! i’ve applied to a few other local jobs recently too, but who knows if i’ll hear anything more about them.

i’m drinking this beer i made a few weeks ago for thanksgiving. it’s a west-coast style pale ale made with leftover honey from feisty_fitz‘s wedding, and it is GOOD. it’s got a clean finish and you can just chug it, haha. i just have to remember to set a bottle of it aside to kelly and jamie get a chance to try some next time they come this way and so i don’t end up drinking it all.