#5320 – fit but you know it

you know you tight sweat fit girls when you go out for a run and you pass by a mural of people on bicycles, and you see the painted curves of an athletic woman riding a bike and you think “DAMN, that’s hot.”

the flesh-and-blood girls i saw while i was out running weren’t too bad-looking either, mind you, but then again i didn’t have my glasses on. 😛 they at least seemed to look nice.

i went running from my apartment down towards the capitol – there’s a trail that leads from the catholic university metro station, parallels the metro tracks, and ends up by union station. it’s mostly an entirely downhill run from my apartment. from my apartment it’s about a mile to the metro station, but i continued along the trail until i reached R street and saw a sign that indicated distances – 1.5 miles from that point to the catholic university metro station – and decided then to turn around and head back. altogether it was about a 5 mile run i did, and it’s been ages since i last went for a run, so tomorrow i’m going to be hurting.

(for reference, my apartment is on webster street, and the east-west streets in dc generally go in alphabetical order leading away from the capitol… A, B, C, etc., then they go in alphabetical order by two-syllable words, so by me there’s streets like otis, quincy, varnum, webster, etc., and then they go in alphabetical order by three-syllable words like gallatin and rittenhouse, so from my apartment to the capitol it’s about two whole alphabets’ worth. north-south streets are numbered, again moving away from the capitol. the city is in 4 quadrants – NE, SE, SW, NW – with the capitol at the center of it all. diagonal streets are named for states. so, basically, by knowing what lettered street, numbered street, and quadrant you’re in you can tell in which direction everything else in dc is located.)

one of these days i’m going to get my stamina back enough so i can run from my apartment down to the capitol, and it’s going to be awesome. much more scenic than running in circles around the navy football stadium like i used to back home. it’s about a 4.5 mile run from apartment to capitol, so it’ll be at least a 9 mile round-trip.

i should probably wear my glasses while running. not just to see the hawt chix out and about (and to recognize the occasional bruno_boy who waved me down on his walk back home from work), but for safety purposes too. i don’t usually wear my glasses while running because i get all sweaty and gross, but it’ll help me see in low light, or if i ever need to identify a one-armed man who killed richard kimble’s wife, i’d be able to do so thanks to my glasses.

today i bought a ticket to the hirshhorn museum’s after-hours event next month (the museum is free, but for their after-hours events they charge admission to keep it open after normal operating hours and the smithsonian turns it into a nightclub). i went to their last one a few months ago and it was a fun time. i’m looking forward to going there and getting my dance and drink on at the museum again.

i also got a few other ideas of social events to do – movies to see, events to attend, and sports leagues to join… and by “sports leagues” i mean either an indoor bocce league, or… SKEE BALL. people laughed when i was curling. people quaked in fear when i played roller derby. now, perhaps, skee ball. i haven’t decided yet, though – games start at 6:30, and i usually get home around 5:45, and it’ll take me about 45 minutes just to change and get from my apartment to the venue. maybe i can leave early on skee ball days? maybe i’ll find a job in dc by then? maybe i can join in later frames of the game? the rules seem to indicate that i can. but yes: skee ball!