#5317 – more feasible than i thought

on monday i ordered a bicycle helmet and a bike lock. correction: two bike locks. i ordered one, but then later i saw a second lock that was similar but a little smaller that also came with a cable to help lock the front wheel, so i tried to cancel the first one and order only the second. turned out it was too late to cancel that first order, so i got both items in the mail. unfortunately, even though i’m sending back the larger one, amazon will deduct the cost of return shipping (about $7), which is lame. you’d think that amazon prime members would get free returns or something.

i planned on monday also to visit the bike shop where i’ll be buying my bike once i get around to it. on mondays they do a pay-what-you-can yoga class, and since i believe that it might help me (with what, i don’t know, but it can’t hurt), i thought i’d give it a try. i planned to bike down via capital bikeshare too since it was such a nice day out. unfortunately, i ended up scarfing down a sandwich probably a bit too fast and ended up feeling like i had to use the bathroom as i was walking to the station. so, my walk to the bike corral ended up being just a brisk walk around the neighborhood back to the apartment. oh well. there went my chance to see girls in yoga pants. 🙁

yesterday i went home to pick up my packages and see mom and dad. i seem to be visiting them about once a week for some reason or another, heh.

when i moved to my apartment, i was a little curious about if it would be possible for me to get to and from my office via public transit. there used to be a commuter bus that stopped right next to my office, but a year or two ago it modified its route. still, i don’t think it would help me much since i believe it was more designed to take people into the city in the morning than out of the city in the morning, and out of the city in the afternoon, and not take people from the city to the suburbs in the morning and reverse in the afternoon. i did some thinking today and realized with a bike and the bike racks on metrobuses it would be possible to take public transit to the park-and-ride near my office – i say “near”, but it’s about 5 miles away. i did some research, and there’s a few different routes to take:

– bus from apartment -> metro station -> red line to silver spring -> bus to park-and-ride -> ride bike rest of the way

– bus from apartment -> metro station -> bus to silver spring station -> bus to park-and-ride -> ride bike rest of way

i did the math and it’d cost anywhere from $15 / week (if i stuck to only buses) to about $30 / week (mix of buses and trains) with a couple different price points in the middle depending on timetable and mode of transportation. it costs me around $25 or so per week in gas to drive to-and-from work, so it was interesting to see how there are ways that i could get to-and-from work that would cut that cost in half. unfortunately, public transit would significantly increase my commute time. right now i leave the apartment at about 7:30 AM and arrive at work around 8:10-8:20, and i leave work at 5 PM and arrive home around 5:45. if i were to take public transit, i’d leave the apartment from between 5:15-5:30 AM, arrive at the park-and-ride around 6:30, and then arrive at the office probably around 7:30. i’d leave the office at 5, hop the bus at either 5:45 or 6:25, and then get home around either 7 PM or 7:45.

so, while it’s feasible, the amount of time it’d take to commute would be prohibitive. pretty much it’s interesting as an idea – what if my car broke down and i needed to get to work? – that sort of thing. i also did the math – if premium gas reaches $4.70 / gallon, then it’d always be cheaper for me to take public transit. i’m almost thinking of trying it on september 22 (world car-free day) just to see how feasible it is. i’m not sure.

other than that, i’ve just been job hunting. not really many leads. woohoo.

also, someone hacked scarlett johansson’s phone and/or computer and leaked naked photos of her online. sure i think she’s hot and all, but it wasn’t me. 😛