#5316 – limbo

this morning i was in a pretty good mood on my way to work, and the workday went by pretty fast, but the rest of the afternoon/evening has been slowly falling apart and bringing me down.

today at 7 i was going to go to a pay-what-you-can yoga class (wait, what? me? yoga?) at bicyclespace after work. i wanted to get out and get some exercise, i’ve heard of the benefits that you can get from yoga, and i figured it was such a nice day out that i’d rent one of the capital bikeshare bikes and ride from the metro station near my apartment downtown and give it a try. well, that didn’t work out like i planned – i thought about hopping on a bus to the metro station and then biking from there but since i was scarfing down a sandwich for a late afternoon snack i knew i wasn’t going to get the bus in time. no matter, it’s only about a 15-minute walk from my place to the metro, but since i was already running a little later than i would have liked i ended up eating fast before i ran out the door. about a block away i started thinking that i should have at least stopped in the bathroom before leaving, and then my walk to the metro station ended up being a brisk walk around the block back to the apartment to take a dump. oof. it was a pretty decent length of a walk, though, but i missed out on possibly seeing cute girls in yoga pants. OH WELL.

it’s not like i won’t get a chance to go back to bicyclespace later this week – i ordered a bicycle lock and helmet today online and those should be delivered to the house tomorrow, so i’ll pick those up then, and then i’ll be ready for thursday’s weekly social in that neighborhood. maybe i’ll see about trying out bikes then to figure out what i should order with my groupon deal i got.

so instead i stayed in and i’m trying to search for jobs, but i’m not really having much luck. i hate job searching – i wish i had a better idea of what i’m looking for, or what jobs would suit my skills and personality. everything i find seems like it either needs skills i don’t have, or it needs skills i do have but don’t want to pursue, or it’s something i’m interested in and i have some experience in but it’s geared toward really fresh college graduates with no experience, or it is geared for my level of job experience but it requires an active security clearance. sigh. don’t get me started about the ones that i think i’d be perfect for and so i apply and never hear from them. i’d almost consider putting out a general call for help on twitter or something, to see if anybody i know is aware of any job openings that would suit me, but i feel like i’m 1) not that desperate, and 2) not that good at networking. double-sigh.

i also noticed while working on this job search that my right wrist is making crunchy noises, and i don’t like the sound of it.

i should just go to bed.

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