#5314 – rain rain go away

it’s rained off and on (mostly on) for the past week. i wish it would stop already. i don’t really mind the rain as much as i mind the leak in the roof over my utility closet. thankfully i haven’t seen any signs of water damage in my apartment anywhere else, and i’m able to contain the leak in the utility closet, but it’s getting to be such an annoyance. i thought about going to fashion’s night out over in georgetown tonight just to get out for a bit, but unless the fashions were going to be wet t-shirts and galoshes i figured it was going to be pretty pointless, so i stayed in and worked on my website and didn’t end up doing too much else. i planned to watch a movie or two (i’m trying to watch all of akira kurosawa’s films in order), but ended up getting sidetracked.

last night when i went to bed there was a lightning storm just starting, but it was far enough away i didn’t pay it any mind at all. at least, not until i closed my eyes, and seconds later i saw a bright flash and got all freaked out. it was as if someone shined a flashlight in my face, and this was through windows that had the blinds down and weren’t even directly facing me – that’s how bright it was! it took several seconds for the thunder to catch up, and when i heard that i knew what it was, but it really had me weirded out for the few moments between closing my eyes and a moment later seeing a bright flash and hearing the thunder. it’s crazy, but the first thing i thought of was exploding head syndrome, even though that’s all about loud noises and not bright flashes of light (although apparently flashes of light by themselves are known as “visual sleep starts”). so what if maybe i just like the term “exploding head syndrome”.

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