#5299 – cramped styles

the other day it occurred to me that i haven’t been both single and living at home since around 2007. it feels weird, not to mention seriously cramping my style – “hey baby, let’s go back to my parents’ basement” isn’t a great pickup line. 😛

things have otherwise been going well. the weight of the breakup from my last post lasted only a few days – the first two nights were the hardest – but once i wrote the previous post i felt much better about it and was able to accept it easier. like i’ve said, it was bound to happen sooner or later, and i’m glad it happened sooner rather than later before things might get even more awkward. i’m still catching myself saying things in conversation like i’m currently in a relationship, but that’s really just force of habit, and there’s been a handful of things i’ve heard or seen that made me especially nostalgic and sentimental. we’ve texted some back and forth, and last week when this bad snowstorm hit and i got a text message telling me to drive safe, i called (because i was driving) to say that i got her message and that i’d let her know once i got home safe, but the commute in weather like that made me miss having a place nearby i could go to rather than risk the commute home since the weather was so bad – one of my coworkers had to abandon his car on the baltimore beltway, and it took me 90 minutes – 3 times as long to get home than usual – and i was LUCKY. i heard about 7, 8, 9, even 12 hour commutes in some places!

my trip to portland was awesome, though. i uploaded pictures to my flickr. i got to see homodachi, hannahchan, carpe demon (one of the guys i used to skate with on harm city homicide, and my friend antoinette, and i just barely missed seeing john1082 who happened to be in town on sunday night and was just a few blocks away from me, and i only realized it because we both checked in on foursquare within an hour or so of each other. lots of exploring was had, including video games at ground kontrol, food cart eats, visiting the craft museum, eating at arleta library café (one of my coworkers told me to go there since she had seen it on “diners, drive-ins and dives” on food network), pub trivia night, seeing multnomah falls, browsing powell’s bookstore, drinking lots of beer and visiting voodoo donuts. i could write more and give you more of a play-by-play, but i don’t feel like being that verbose. i totally did not want to come home, though – i was having too much of a good time, everyone was super nice (random folks too, i thought they were trying to distract me by talking to me about photography so someone else could come up and mug me, but then they would finish the conversation and say “ok, well, have a nice day!” and left me standing there confused) and laid back, and met even more people from baltimore who have migrated out there too. as i was telling some of my friends who asked me what it was like, “it’s like what if baltimore was allowed to have nice things,” and it’s totally true. lots of unemployment, though, but at least there it seems like the bums are all taking their medication. 😛

this past weekend was feisty_fitz‘s bachelorette party; one of our cousins is the maid of honor and split it into two parts – for the first part, kelly and 3 of her friends and my cousin and mom and anne all went to a local crab house in a limo for dinner, and afterwards they met kelly’s fiancé, my cousin’s boyfriend, dad and myself at a local western-themed restaurant for the guys’ dinner and party. this place had a mechanical bull and everyone in the group rode it except for mom and dad (originally i didn’t want to ride it since i hadn’t been feeling well that day, but that changed after i had a seagram’s and 7-up to help me feel a bit better).

before the girls got there, the first person who got on the mechanical bull was this pretty large woman who immediately fell off as soon as they turned the bull on, and then it took 3 people to hoist her back on it for a second try, with the same results. before it was time for anyone in our party to ride on it, we saw other people getting on and they were only lasting a few seconds at most. then kelly got on and rode on it for 43 seconds (they wouldn’t let her have a second turn since you get a cumulative 30 seconds or so, and she already passed that. she rode it again later on though since some of her friends missed her the first time around, and that time she rode it for 48 seconds). anne rode it for ~20 seconds, and i rode it for 27 seconds. who knew we were such great mechanical bull riders?? the next few days were agony though as i had to waddle around with super-sore thigh muscles. thankfully my thigh muscles are feeling better now, but my hip joints are still sore.

around 11 PM mom, dad and anne left leaving the rest of us to party at the bar/restaurant, then we took the limo into downtown annapolis to a bar (that was full) which sent us to their lounge next door (that was too quiet for our taste) so we ended up going to ram’s head tavern for a few more drinks before taking the limo back home… where her fiancé and a few friends and i stayed up until almost 3 AM drinking champagne.

work’s still work, but right now it’s especially boring to me. lots of same shit, different day. we had a meeting at work a week ago about attendance policies (they do this every year just to refresh people), but a lot of it seems to me like rules for the sake of rules. i know if we didn’t have them, we’d have people doing a lot of stuff for their own personal gain, but i’m tired of rules for the sake of rules. lots of the stuff we have to do now is overly bureaucratic – why should we have to report in to a team to say if we’ll be taking a day off or if we’re going to be late to work as long as we make up the hours during the day (especially when our boss doesn’t especially care when we come in), etc.? can’t we just work that out with our supervisor? for a lot of these policies and procedures my reaction to them and to authority is pretty much the same as dave lister, and i keep thinking of that clip whenever i hear about some new policy or such that seems rather pointless or bureaucratic.

we should be getting our bonus information at work any day now, and this long-term bonus incentive that we were given in 2008 just vested at the end of january, so i just need to wait to find out what the multipliers are for our bonus targets and then by late january to mid-march i’ll be having a few extra thousands of dollars to pay loans with. yay. everything’s pretty much already earmarked for different purposes.

but speaking of living at home and jobs, i’m starting the job search again so that i can hopefully line something up by the time i graduate in may. unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they’ll add a senior analyst position to my team, and none of the job openings i’ve seen here and around the country are ones that i’m especially interested in (or the ones i am interested in end up having requirements that i don’t have), so it’s looking more and more that my next job is going to be with a different company. i’ve got a few leads i’m checking out, and doing the résumé update and so on, and i even found some interesting stuff through the campus job board (apparently is doing a lot of hiring for a new team, and one of the positions is pretty similar to my current position. i’d have to move to seattle, though). but whatever it is, it needs to pay me enough so i can pay off student loans, car loan, and still have money to move out.

14 weeks to go before this semester’s over. 15 weeks and 1 day until i graduate.

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