#5295 – honeypot

years and years ago when i still used my comcast email address, i set up an alternate email address to use in circumstances where i might not want to give out my personal email address. since i was taking my spy class at the time (“from spies to satellites”), and since i wanted to generally keep the details of this address secret, i set it up as

even though i don’t use it, i still have gmail check my address with the rest of my email addresses just in case something important arrives, but in the past year or so, i’ve suddenly started receiving emails intended for other people. here’s the latest i just received today:

Hi Mary,

I found a couple of textbooks online for Brenna. One is for Geometry and one is for English. Unfortunately I cannot order them because they are too expensive for me. But I will give you what I have if you could order them.


Prentice Hall Math


ISBN: 978-0-13-365948-1

$100.00 new or 28 used @ 29.00

Elements of Literature

5th Course

2003 Holt. Rinehart, Winston

ISBN: 0-03-067283-X

$88.41 or bargain @ $29.99

I don’t have the info on the Biology book, but Brenna does.

There is no History book.

It would be such a great help for me and for Brenna if we could buy or borrow these books.

Then I could really keep track of her. She is much better at writing down her assignments. Now I have to continue to work hard on time management and making sure she really does her homework. I have emailed her teachers, but I think that because they have so much to do, that they can’t check in with me about outstanding assignments or tests that are lower than C.

Also, your bill for October:

Oct.5th 90.00

Oct 12 90.00

Oct. 19 90.00

Total = $270.00

By the way, would it be ok with you if I do not report this as income, so I can continue to get unemployment?

I realized that last week, while I was on the phone with you, that she was on Facebook and email. I was so disappointed. Everyone is working so hard for her! If you would like me to check in with her for an hour over the weekends, Sat. or Sun. I could see if she has everything ready for the week.



and another one i recently received, with logins and passwords removed:

Begin forwarded message:

From: Webhostingpad

Date: October 26, 2010 6:01:38 AM PDT


Subject: – Hosting Login Details



Today`s Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010, 08:01:38

Welcome Terrie A. Lyons, Ph.D.,P.C.!

Thank you for signing up with Your new account information is provided below.

Also, do you have friends that are looking for web hosting? Tell them about and we will give you FREE hosting. Checkout for more details.


Hosting Plan: Unlimited Plan




Username: [REDACTED]

Password: [REDACTED]

* Alternatively, you can use once your nameservers for the domain are pointing to our nameservers. *


SFTP Host: 204.93.[REDACTED]

Username: [REDACTED]

Password: [REDACTED]

Directory/Path: public_html

* You must use a Secure FTP protocol in your FTP client settings. SFTP or FTPes will work. The following links provide details on setting up secure FTP with popular FTP clients:


Nameserver 1:

Nameserver 2:

* Need to know how to change nameservers? Checkout our DNS video tutorials at *


Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:

* Need to know how to setup email accounts? Checkout our email video tutorials at *


Login URL:

Username: [REDACTED]

Password: [REDACTED]

* Login to your billing system at the following URL to view and pay your invoices, change your payment type or billing details, update contact information, and more! *


If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact us at your convenience.

You can go to for fast and courteous support.

Also check out our full line of video tutorials at


If you elected to take advantage of any of our optional add-on package free trial, a separate email will follow for each add-on selected to explain further billing details.

Thank you,

Follow us on Twitter



Phone: 877-998-4678

Local: 847-346-1801

October 26, 2010, 8:01 am

and here’s a different one from several months ago, for a shawn mershon:


Thanks for doing this for girls night out. I can help you with registration and maybe a game. Let me know when to start.I’m avail to collect registration wed, fri before the event.

Gina Bainbridge, Julia’s mom-8th gr @ rgms.

—– Forwarded Message —–

From: “Shawn Mershon”

To:,,,,,,, “michelle lenzen” ,,,,,, “Sabine O’Halloran”

Cc: “Lori Hesse” , “Joan Stein”

Sent: Sunday, January 24, 2010 12:03:22 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific

Subject: Girls’ Night Out 2010: March 6

Greetings from the event co-chairs! You were listed as having an interest in helping out. We’re still getting our bearings on this event, but wanted to say hi and start the brainstorming. March 6 seems like it’s far away, but it’s really just around the corner!

As with past GNOs, the idea is bonding, fun, and perhaps a touch of “girl power” messages: confidence, strength, and reaching their goals. We’re thinking about having a theme of “Beach Blanket Bingo” ( a reference to a movie that will go over the girls’ heads): beach apparel option (tasteful outfits only), basically just to get away from the mid-winter gloom.

We are still working on activities for this event. Some of last year’s events went over well. We need about 6 activities total. We could use help with the following:

Speaker: last year we had an Olympic fencer. Past years have included police officers and business women. If you know of a possible speaker you can get, please let us know. There could be a small speaker fee available.

Blackjack: Need equipment and dealer(s)

Tattooing: Looking into getting from a party company, need bids and perhaps “crowd control” at event

Other things under consideration:

Bouncy obstacle course

Hip hop dancing (Wilson dance coach)

Ping pong




Kung fu

Beading (perhaps some kind of bead swapping activity culminating in a bracelet or necklace of friend’s beads)


WII games



Some kind of internet thing like “Elf yourself” or cartoon yourself, or designing a superhero (would need at least one other volunteer laptop)

Any other ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! There is a small budget for this event. Any resources that would consider donating their time or equipment, or providing a discount would be very welcomed!

This event will probably be snacks and/or dessert, and probably be around 3 hours.

These are the areas we will need volunteers:

Set up (~2)

Greeter/Check in (~3)

Check out (~2)


Each activity will need help (2 each)

Food (~2)

Shawn Mershon


the moral of the story is “check your recipient’s email address when sending emails about not reporting income so you can continue to collect unemployment”.

this past weekend my dc metro MINIs motoring club had our 2nd annual “MINIs take the beltway” ride to raise money for the wounded warrior project – we apparently try to pick the weekend closest to veteran’s day that doesn’t have a redskins game, haha. we had 100 members RSVP (so 100 cars), and about 170 people total. there were so many people, we wouldn’t all fit at the MINI of alexandria parking lot, so we used the parking lot of the shopping mall across the street as our staging area. picked up our goodie bags (american flag for our windows, magnetic “support our troops” ribbon, a few can cozies from the dealership, and a vinyl window decal commemorating the event. we had our driver’s meeting at 8:45 AM to describe how we’d be leaving the parking lot and how to get back in to the mall from the beltway, sang the national anthem, posed for a group photo and then we left from MINI of alexandria at 9 AM. drove the 64 miles around the beltway, and then had a barbecue lunch. some members of the national guard even showed up in their big trucks and they drove the loop with us as well. i’m not sure how much money was raised, but a $10 donation per person was requested.

there were stoplights at every entrance/exit from the mall, so we used the one that someone had timed to be the shortest stoplight of them all, plus we were still able to make a right turn on red. still, there was enough of a separation once we got to the beltway that we ended up being three large groups of MINIs motoring along. it must still have been a pretty impressive sight for other drivers – i saw one lady in an SUV holding an iphone in her left hand, a blackberry in her right, and steering with her knuckles.

last year we apparently had a police escort from the county police (zooming into intersections and blocking traffic in all directions to let us through), but the city police this year weren’t interested in assisting. (we thought about using the national guard vehicles to block traffic instead, but figured that wouldn’t be a good idea.) at least this year we didn’t have to stay in the right-hand lane around the entire beltway (apparently the police requested that last year, causing some folks in the back of the convoy to have some scary incidents with folks who weren’t able to merge on/off the beltway because of the line of cars). this year we drove the route in lane 3 (if you count the leftmost lane as lane 1), so we were able to keep the rightmost lane open for merging vehicles and left plenty of room around our cars for other vehicles to get in and out as necessary.

last year we also apparently made it onto WTOP’s traffic reports, but i also heard that we caused a traffic jam last year, so that’s probably why.

i need to edit my photos of the event (i didn’t take that many), but until then here’s someone else’s photos of the event… hey, it’s me! the photographer also shot photos of us from a pedestrian bridge over the beltway near the end of our loop, too. those watermarks are really distracting, though. that’s one thing i swear i’ll never do, even with all the trouble i’ve had with newspapers and such using my photos without attribution. watermarks totally ruin photos for me.

today i also rescued cynicalscribe‘s cat. well, not really “rescued”, but more like “brought him inside when he was outside when he shouldn’t have been”. he had escaped shortly before we were planning to leave for dinner to harass some stray cats in his territory, and each time we tried to coax him back in he got all grumbly and yowly and hissed and was generally uncooperative. after about 2 hours of this i was able to sneak up on him, scoop him up, and bring him inside, and the whole time he was yowling and hissing and scratching and clawing and biting my left arm/hand. i’m actually surprised he didn’t tear the sweater i was wearing (the sweater came through unscathed), and my left hand looks a lot worse than it feels – if you took a red ballpoint pen and drew a bunch of faint lines all over the back of your left hand, that’s what mine looks like now. there were two or three stray cats roaming around his turf, and crackers the cat at home is going nuts, and another friend or two online have commented about their cats acting weird tonight too. really bizarre.

time for bed. i hope i sleep well tonight, i’ve been sleeping ok lately but my back is killing me, like i pulled a muscle or tweaked it or something.

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