#5293 – 198 days to go

busy busy busy. just finished writing 2 reports (one was 10 pages, the other was 14 pages). thankfully things should quiet down a little bit now that those two are out of the way.

the 14-page report was the second of three different assignments for my interaction design class (we only have the three assignments in that class, nothing else is graded), and we have to have a B or better on both of our two personal reports for that class (the third report is a group project). i got a 100% on my first personal report, and my group got a 100% for the first third of our group project (though that doesn’t really count, since that grade is just to let us know if we’re on the right track). it’ll be sweet if i can pull out an A in this class, though. then my GPA will go from a 3.0 to a 3.14.

the spring schedule of classes just came out a few days ago. i’ve got the three courses i want to take figured out, i just need to wait until friday to register: project management, information architecture for the web, and systems and information integration. the semester ends on may 12, so now it’s only 198 days left to go before i’m done. 🙂

i’m really looking forward to going to portland in january; picked up a travel guide and have been reading through it for ideas of things to see while i’m there. haven’t really brought it up elsewhere yet, though.

work is stressful. well, not really. more of a pain in the ass. my team of 3 people + our manager is going to be taking over processing some payments that were previously performed by other departments. there’s a few dozen of these payments we’re taking over, and they’re all being given to us simultaneously. the thing is, we don’t think these other departments have been doing their tasks correctly, so we need to pretty much start from scratch. the problem is that starting from scratch means writing new queries and figuring out the processes from the current teams (who aren’t all that keen on telling us about the current processes), and since i’m the one person on our team with the most SQL experience all of the query writing is on my shoulders, and i have this nasty feeling that if i were to make a mistake in my queries so things aren’t calculated correctly then it’s the boot for me. i mean, we’re dealing with millions and millions of dollars – i’ve paid out about $2.6MM already since starting this position about 8 months ago – and when you’re dealing with millions and millions of someone else’s money they probably don’t take too kindly to calculating things like that incorrectly. so, after a call late last week with a lady whose tasks we’ve started to take over and feeling a little shell-shocked, my boss asked me “what’s wrong? you look tired” and i told her how i didn’t feel tired, just really overwhelmed. we’re getting the information we need in bits and pieces from the previous teams, i’m basically being charged with creating the logic for these payments, and i feel like if i make one mistake then i get the boot. i feel like if i were paid more it wouldn’t be as much of a pain in the butt, but that’s unlikely to happen. but, who knows? HR had a focus group with various members of different finance teams, and asked us questions about what we liked and didn’t like about our management, and what could be done to improve communication and collaboration between teams, and what sort of changes we would like to see, and we were all pretty much in agreement that more cash would be great. i’m kind of disappointed that i didn’t pull a jerry maguire and say “show me the money” during that meeting. oh well.

tomorrow i get a 2 TB drive in the mail… hey, it was only $99 shipped, and i couldn’t pass up that deal. the plan is to try upgrading the hard drive in my imac – in order to get at the insides, i have to use suction cups (that also arrive tomorrow) and lift the glass front up (it’s held in place with magnets [how do they work?]), flip over the LCD screen, and voila! there’s the hard drive and all the other electronic bits. replace hard drive, put the screen back into place, replace the glass front. simple, right?

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