#5290 – a dud

went to that information session with xerox today after work, and it was pretty much a bust. i got there around 5:30 (it was scheduled from 4-6) and by that time the session was all but over, though the host of the event was still there to talk to people individually. i introduced myself, and from talking with him i learned:

– they’re really looking for enginners, not information systems folks

– even though the invite said to bring your résumé, they weren’t taking résumés at this event (“it’s all electronic now”, he said… “just submit it online”)

– when they do review résumés for positions, they look at 3 things: a. what school you’re from (there are 25 top schools they especially look for, and umbc is one of those 25), b. your major, and c. your gpa

i didn’t even get any free pizza, that was all gone by the time i got there. “oh yeah,” the guy said when i talked with him about it, “this place was packed earlier, folks were out in the hallway, too. it was a feeding frenzy.”

this evening i got another email from the umbc career center:

Hello Glenn,

General Electric will be at UMBC on Wednesday, October 13 to host their Corporate Visibility Day. As a student who fits their profile, they have asked the Career Center to personally invite you to attend their day on campus. Details are below; you are encouraged to RSVP via the Events-Information Session tab in UMBCworks.

i’m on to your game now, umbc career center. flattery will get you nowhere! …besides, this event is scheduled from 2-4 PM, and i’ll be at work at that time.

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