#5284 – talk me out of it

here’s a game i like to call “talk me out of it”:

– i’m thinking about visiting portland, oregon in january to go explore. probably january 19-23. why january? well, i won’t have any classes to worry about that month and flights are cheap, and otherwise i wouldn’t be able to visit until may/june and things then will be getting crazy what with (hopefully) my grad school graduation and feisty_fitz‘s wedding and me likely beginning to look for a new job.

– i found a funny polaroid photo of me, feisty_fitz and two of our cousins circa 1997 that i’m thinking about posting online for chuckles. i’m absolutely ridiculous in it: java t-shirt, big ol’ glasses, flashing gang signs, and one of my cousins is holding up cans of root beer like we’re partying it up.

– with all the shenanigans that livejournal is pulling nowadays, i’m considering moving over to dreamwidth. i’m over there with the same username that i’ve got here. is anybody else from my friends list over there too? i can simply cross-post my entries from dreamwidth to livejournal without any fuss, so that’s not an issue.