#5276 – china

hmm… i might try going to china in march.

i’ve been cleaning out my bookmarks on my computer – removing old ones that don’t work anymore, curating my delicious account – and i came across one for the 2010 CSCW conference held in savannah, georgia this past february. computer supported collaborative work was extremely interesting for me when i took a course all about it last fall. turns out the 2011 conference is in hangzhou, china from march 19-23 (right during spring break, so i wouldn’t miss any coursework), and if i get accepted as a student volunteer then i get free lodging in exchange for 20 hours of volunteer work during the conference.

extra bonus: the umbc graduate student association has a $250 travel grant that conference attendees can request for reimbursement (in exchange for 1 hour of community service for each grant received).

downside: 1 week of vacation time away from the office, but not really on vacation.