#5274 – oh yeah

oh yeah, and also:

i’ve decided to stay with my job at least through my master’s degree. not only is it my ticket for tuition reimbursement for my master’s, but if i left before the end of december i lose out on my yearly bonus, and if i leave before the end of january then i lose out on a long-term bonus that vests at the end of january. so, my plan is to stick around for a little under a year at least to ride this gravy train before i try finding something that might pay me more so i can move out, get a place of my own, pay off student loans, etc.

doctorates are good and all, but that wouldn’t be completed until at least my 32nd birthday, and there’s no way you’d catch me living at home in the basement then. 😛 plan is to get my master’s and then get out as soon as i can.