#5270 – clean slate

my profile page looks so weird without my giant list of interests i’ve had there for the last 10 years.

i’m still trying to decide if i should try applying to other jobs elsewhere before the fall semester starts, however unlikely it’d be that i’d be starting before the end of august. on one hand, if i stay, it’s free tuition for this semester (well, i have to pay $1060 out of pocket since my total tuition for the year exceeds the $8000 limit my work will pay)… but if i find something that pays me more than what i currently make, i may not necessarily need tuition reimbursement at all. i’ve just been thinking a bit about what i’ve been doing at work versus the position i last interviewed for, and while i don’t really mind the work that i’ve been doing, because of 2 or 3 department reorganizations that have occurred since last summer, my current job responsibilities are nowhere near what i last interviewed for, and i feel like my increased responsibility should mean more pay.

(yes, i know that this means that someone is going to say “then ask for a raise, you big dummy”, but it’s not that simple since it’s not something that i want to be doing for an extended period of time — sql statements are only entertaining for so long, and i kind of want to do something other than SELECT this FROM that WHERE nonsense all the time… which isn’t to say that i’m not good at it. i’m almost too good at it, that’s the problem — i’ve turned into the team’s go-to guy for query-writing and modification, when we also have a separate team that puts together queries, so it’s as if i’m doing two separate but related jobs at once).

even though i’d stay in this position until finishing my graduate degree next year, there’s something pestering me that if i have the opportunity to try to earn more, why not take advantage of that opportunity sooner rather than later? but then again, what’s the rush? i’m still working on this master’s degree, so why not take it easy as much as i can in the meantime? but then again, with my self-imposed deadline of finding a better-paying job by september 2011, i don’t want to go crazy trying to find something between april/may and september.