#5266 – dyn-o-mite

wow, it’s been more than a month since i’ve last updated. i’ve actually been updating my wordpress blog over at more than i have been posting here, but even then it’s really been weekly updates about my running — i’ve been doing a post each sunday with how my runs for the week have been, and if there’s anything special to report in the meantime then i’ll update it again, like when i got a new personal record for running a mile (7 minutes 50 seconds, beating my previous time of 7 minutes 56 seconds from last october). i wasn’t even really trying to beat my record, but it just happened to go like that since i just wanted that run over with.

so i’m still training for the marathon in october. today i ran just over 12 miles… i probably could have continued on the last mile or so and made it a half-marathon distance of 13.1 miles, but when my nike+ training schedule says “run 12 miles”, i do exactly what it says and run 12 miles.

today’s a short work week for me; working monday-thursday, and then thursday evening cynicalscribe and i are driving up to new jersey so that we can hop on a flight to tokyo on friday morning and explore tokyo and perhaps some other parts of japan for the next week. i should probably brush up on my japanese beforehand.

speaking of studying, i finished my second semester of grad school… now i’m halfway done. still waiting for the grades to post, though. i’m almost certain i got an A in my networking class, but my systems analysis class can be anywhere from an A to a C depending on how strictly the class participation part is graded. 😛 i didn’t participate in the class forum as much as i probably should have, but then again not that many people did, and my class projects and my midterm grade were otherwise fantastic, so who knows how that’ll turn out.

i planned to go visit portland in late july or sometime this august since i’ve never been and it sounds like someplace i need to visit, but it seems like my plans have been changed for me. since anne was graduating from high school (she just graduated yesterday, hooray for anne), and since she and my dad were taking scuba lessons since she wants to go into marine biology, dad figured that once they get certified instead of going on a scuba trip around here where there’s not much to see that instead we all go to the virgin islands for a vacation at the end of july. i’m coming back a day earlier than everyone else since i didn’t want to use up all the rest of my vacation time just in case, but it’ll be a nice vacation for me from july 29 – august 2 — it’s been ages since i’ve been to any beach on vacation. i bought my airplane ticket yesterday, and we’re all going to be staying in these tent cottages or something, i’m not exactly sure what, but mom and dad went there a year ago or so for their anniversary. so it’s going to be mom, dad, anne, me, feisty_fitz and her fiancé – unfortunately, cynicalscribe can’t come along since there’s already a lot of people in her office taking off that same weekend, so that’s disappointing, but we still might get a chance for some water park adventures on our trip to japan.