#5262 – busy busy

sleepy, but can’t go to sleep quite yet. not for a few hours, at least. today – friday – cynicalscribe and i are going to be taking a train from baltimore to new york city, and then hop on a different train there and go from new york up to montreal for the weekend so she can skate with the charm city roller girls’ travel b-team, and so we can explore montreal, and if things work out ocarina and damonk13 will be able to drive on over from ottawa for a nice little visit. 🙂

the problem? the train leaves BWI at 4:29 AM. and if i go to sleep i have a suspicion that i’ll sleep through whatever alarm i set, and i need to roust carrie out of bed in 45 minutes anyway so she can start getting ready. there’ll be plenty of time to sleep on the train since it’s about a 15-hour trip… we won’t be arriving in montreal until a little after 7 PM. and if we don’t catch our connecting train in new york for some reason, well, then it’ll just turn into a weekend of visiting new york city!

i wish i haven’t been so busy lately so i could update lj more often. work has been weird; i’m now in a different position reporting to a different manager, effective february 1. i wish i had more say in the matter, but it never seems like i do when these changes are foisted upon me. it’s not even an increase in pay, either, and it’s only slightly related to the position that i actually interviewed for last spring and started last august; since then, i’ve had my manager changed twice on me, my position changed three times, and now instead of being in the systems team i’m actually considered to be in finance (but as the only person on this team being created who actually has any systems experience, which makes me annoyed how it’s not a pay increase, boo hiss).

this past week has been SNOW CITY for those of you who aren’t in the maryland/dc/virginia area and didn’t get the memo about the multiple blizzards we’ve been having. our front sidewalk is like a 1:2 scale world war i trench. we have mounds of snow in the backyard that are as tall as my MINI, perhaps even taller. i took off of work on monday when they decided to open on-time as scheduled (wtf, everybody i talked to was pissed about that), went into work on tuesday, and work closed wednesday and thursday. now it’s friday and i’m leaving all this snow to go up to montreal, haha… and that doesn’t even mention all the snow we got at the end of last week, either!

perhaps i might write some more on the train ride up; i brought my mifi wireless modem with me, so we’ll see!