#5259 – job shenanigans

i heard that as of the beginning of the year there’s been a shakeup at work… well, not quite a shakeup, but a reorganization.

shortly after i started my systems analyst position that i started back in august, even before my soon-to-be manager returned from disability leave, her boss (our associate director) called me into his office and said that he figured that i’d be a better fit with this other guy as my manager so i could work on a different type of system instead. so almost straight off the bat i was working for someone who i didn’t know i’d be working for. (that’s not to say anything bad about my current manager, he’s been great. it’s just weird that the person who i thought was going to be my manager suddenly wasn’t my manager any more.)

since that meeting in early september, i’ve met my current manager twice. we’ve probably talked on the phone maybe a dozen times at most.

when i came to work last week, the guys on the team that i was initially going to be on told me that they were told their team wasn’t going to report up to the finance associate director any more and that instead of falling under the federal government umbrella, they were going to be under headquarters instead, and that their manager (who i had originally interviewed with) was going to be reporting to some director at HQ. my manager told me later that apparently the government team has been changed around to have different verticals for different industries, so that way each team would support a particular type of customer: “oh, you’re in health care? this team knows all about your needs.” or “you’re in public safety? this other team deals with public safety exclusively and knows exactly what you’d require.”, etc., etc.

here’s what i know so far:

my manager stays the same.

my associate director is now a director, and instead of reporting to the VP of government accounts, he is now a peer of the VP and reports to someone else instead.

my job title was “analyst – systems – reporting & analysis”, and i was in the “national government / federal accounts” team. that now changes to “analyst – enterprise & government – reporting & analysis”.

here was my previous job description:

Serve as point-of-contact and subject matter expert for desktop system processes, requirements and enhancements related to the National Government / Federal Accounts department. Performe system maintenance as necessary per end-user requests. Assist with user acceptance / bug testing of sales and customer service systems in development. Collaborate with Training, Communication and Operations departments to produce required support and reference materials.

here’s what i’m supposed to do now:

Act as focal point for financial and operational analysis, key performance indicator (KPI) and Internet reporting, and business case preparation. Gather, analyze and prepare daily, weekly and monthly KPI tracking, analysis and reports including orders, service level, training, receivables, quality assurance, attrition and related reports from data warehouse. Develop assumption tables and populate data for preparation of budget. Assist in the development and preparation of business cases to support funding of specified initiatives. Respond to requests from other centers, operations and finance departments.

is this something that i’m interested in doing? not really, no. though my manager says that we’re probably going to be creating dashboards for the finance team to use, i’d much rather be doing things that are more technical and less financial.

i’m trying to make up my mind for later this week if i want to take grad school this spring semester or take a leave of absence from school to try to find a different job. i can’t see myself going any farther up in the company at this point (especially in this position i’ve been shoehorned into whether i like it or not), and if i take off of school for a semester it’d give me more time to dedicate to job hunting.

bad news would be it’d delay my graduate degree by at least a semester.

when i complained before this shakeup that all i was really doing was sitting in on meetings a few times a week and taking notes of what went on, and that i wasn’t really given any sort of meaningful work, cynicalscribe pointed out that if i kept on and finished my master’s then it’d make me only more overqualified to sit in meetings and take notes. granted, sitting in on meetings and taking notes and not having any other sort of responsibility is nice, except 1) it’s BORING. i have to keep from falling asleep at my desk. and 2) not having much work to do means you could be expendable.

if i did continue with school this semester, and if i found a different job mid-semester and quit before this semester was up, it’d cost me $4440 to pay back work for the prepaid tuition for my two classes. actually, it’d cost me $8880, since i’d not only have to pay work back for their prepaid tuition, but pay out-of-pocket for the classes myself.

i told my manager on friday when he was talking about the reorganization about how i didn’t really have much to do and it sounded like he thought my team here was giving me more work to take care of, so it seemed like he was going to try to find something for me to work on but i’m not sure how likely that’ll be. ever since he told me weeks ago about how he was working on a ticketing system in coldfusion and that i might be able to take over maintenance/development of it, i’ve been learning coldfusion through our online tech library at work. still, boring.

i’d like to try to find something that can pay me more. i did some math recently and i can have all of my credit cards paid off by march, all of my student loans paid off by my 30th birthday (august 2012), and almost all (if not ALL) of my car loan paid off by the end of 2012. bad news? i’d be living in the basement at home when i’m 30. not good. it’d be tough to pay rent with a roommate even with just the car loan or just the school loans, never mind with both at the same time. (when i lived in the apartment, i had just recently paid off my car and didn’t have student loans in a repayment status at that time.)

and no matter how much i might try to pinch pennies, it’s impossible to thrift yourself into a bigger paycheck. so i need to find something that pays me more… i’m still annoyed that it wasn’t really much of a pay increase from my previous position to the analyst position back in august last year; even though it was a job title change, it was still within the same pay band, and it really wasn’t much of an increase at all.

i have to decide if i want to do the leave of absence by this friday, since saturday is the last day to register for spring classes and i’d like to make my decision before then. the reason why i can start thinking about this now is because i made it through 2009, meaning that i’m vested in my bonus for the year.

in other work news, we have an intern from virginia tech visiting us this week. apparently there’s a few other interns in our department, but this one is specifically to see what the systems team does. seems like a nice guy, but a little hard to communicate with him… he’s got a thick indian accent and speaks very softly and so it’s next to impossible to understand what he’s saying. i’d like to know whose bright idea it was at HR to send interns into the government department without having them sign nondisclosure agreements, though. at least we didn’t say (much) that could be proprietary system details, but the manager who was in charge of him didn’t think about this until after he had left; she called HR and then had a talk with us about what we can and can’t say to him… we can talk about what we do in general terms, we can’t show him anything onscreen since we’re working with customers’ accounts, we can’t discuss system changes or planned developments, and we can’t discuss timelines. so what’s the point of him interning here this week anyway? especially since his field of study is networking packets and transmission protocol, and not really systems development? so this week, we’ve been told to treat him like a visitor (since he is), and not tell him anything more than what we’d tell the UPS delivery guy if we happened to see him in the building. (but then again, our section is even more secured than the rest of the government department… other employees can’t even get into the government department unless they’re especially allowed to enter, and even government department employees can’t enter my section without having access, so again – whose idea was it to send interns in here without NDAs???)

i guess the whole point i’m trying to make here is… I… HATE… SAUERKRAUT! work’s a pain.