#5254 – walkity-walk

early bedtime for me tonight. today i was late to work – when my alarm went off, i turned it off and went back to bed and woke up an hour later, about 15 minutes after i normally leave the house. i felt horrible at work all morning until it was lunchtime and i was able to go out to the car and take a 50-minute nap instead of getting my eat on. i felt much better after the nap, though.

so today i found out i’m going to have some new stuff to do at work. and what is this new stuff? my old stuff! before i took this position back in august, i was working on the executive relations team with this one other girl. well, my manager called me today to see if i could take that girl’s position because she called in today to her manager to say that her doctor has placed her on short-term disability until december 28 or thereabouts. it’s weird since she was in the office yesterday (she was one of the people whose birthday we were celebrating) and mentioned not feeling well, and usually you have to be out of the office for something like 6 or 8 consecutive days before they’ll put you on short-term disability. my hunch: H1N1. so until she returns, i’m going to be taking care of the executive relations box since there isn’t anybody else in her department who is really trained to do that work, and since i already know what it’s all about they asked my manager if i could take care of it. when my manager called me to ask, he said “…because if you don’t feel like doing it just let me know and i’ll have them find someone else,” and i said “no, no, it’s no problem at all!” it gives me something to do!

one of my coworkers is going to amsterdam next month for some “recreation” and was asking me about my trip there, so i was telling him about when festive and i went. at one point he asked me if we went to the red light district and i said no (it was january, and cold, and windy, and generally no fun to be outside! nevermind that he’s going there in january too…), and he said “that’s something else that i want to try since it’s legal and safe there.” i don’t want to know that! too much info, buddy, especially since he looks a little squirrely and is pear-shaped. GAH.

yesterday i took the MINI back to the dealership so they could install the stripes and the gps mounting kit that i had ordered, and they gave me a 2005 cooper s as a loaner. it’s one of their used ones for sale. it’s a bit weird since i have to re-learn where a few controls are from back when i was driving my first MINI, but also since it’s one of their used ones for sale, it looks like this:

it also has the stickers with the specs of this car on the driver’s side rear passenger window too, haha… i keep wondering if i’ll be pulled over on suspicion for stealing this car from the dealership, hahahaha… i hoped to pick my MINI back up today but i guess it’s not ready yet, looks like i’ll have one more day of the loaner.

tonight cynicalscribe, zenmetsu, bruno_boy and stueypark went to see the live rifftrax event at a theater in columbia, and spelchec and festive saw it at arundel mills. funny stuff, but unfortunately we had a slight audio/video sync issue at our theater, oh well.