#5253 – my ego doesn't need this (or maybe it does!)

so i’m still doing pretty much nothing at work each day. the week before last, my manager in little rock set up a weekly conference call for the two of us so we can talk about what stuff i’m working on and helping out on, and there’s not much that i’m really assigned to do, so it’s not much of a conference call. last week the call was even postponedโ€ฆ it was going to be rescheduled later in the day, but i think he forgot about it since i never received a new meeting invitation.

when we had our first call a week and a half ago, he told me how he was working on a ticketing system for facility issues, and that it was being designed in coldfusion. he said that i didn’t have to learn about it if i didn’t want to, but i’m so bored with nothing to do that i was so eager to at least have something to occupy my time. there’s nothing for me to do with the site he’s working on quite yet since it’s still hosted on alltel company servers that i don’t have access to, so once it gets moved to a verizon wireless server then he can start showing me more about what it is and how it works. in the meantime i’ve been accessing a tutorial book available on our digital library at work (see a few posts back where i told tim o’reilly how awesome it is we’re switching digital libraries), and it’s ok for a really basic introduction but it’s really not that great of a bookโ€ฆ typos everywhere, poor grammar making things difficult to understand, etc. i’d read a different book if one were available, but it’s the most recent one in the library. but at least i can read about the programming language to learn what little i can from this book in the meantime. hopefully things’ll chance once this migration i’m assisting with (and by “assisting with” i mean “taking notes of conference calls and meetings”) is complete in the next few weeks and they’ll actually give me something relevant to do.

yesterday was the last day of my teacher’s assistant gig and the class gave their final presentations. one of them whom i had helped out with the direction she should take her project thanked me in her description of her project she read to the class before showing her presentation. ๐Ÿ™‚

today we had a small birthday party at work; two of the people from my previous team have their birthdays in december, so i pitched in a few dollars a week ago to the pot for cake and ice cream, and we had a little celebration in the cafeteria this afternoon. i wasn’t feeling well earlier in the day just because i was so exhausted and didn’t have much of an appetite so i had napped in my car for most of my lunch break and didn’t have anything to eat at lunch time, but i definitely had room for some cake and ice cream when the time came, hahaha. the team’s interim manager (their usual manager who was in charge of the team when i was on it is out on a leave of absence) is someone whom i had worked with back in the store channel days so he told them all about when we worked together. one of the coordinators talking with him said “glenn’s so smart, he’s too smart for verizon wireless. he should move on.” i think i really should. i need to think this over before the spring semester starts up in late january, because once that starts then i’m not going to look at other options until mid-may when the spring semester is over.

also, AWESOME! just checked my grade for my management information systems class, and i got a B. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ this was the class i was most concerned about of the three classes i was taking since some of my papers weren’t that great and there were some mixups with assignments getting lost in emails and stuff like that. i’m fairly certain there won’t be any problems with my other two classes, but i just need to wait for a final to be graded for one class and a paper to be graded for the other before i can start celebrating. ๐Ÿ™‚