#5248 – and how was YOUR day at work?

what did i do? NOTHING!

when did i do it? ALL THE DAMN DAY!

it’s a mixed blessing, folks. i swear i’m slowly going nuts. hopefully things will pick up once this current project is done since i came in mid-stream and project roles were already pretty much determined. when i do have something to do, it’s just sit and take notes in a meeting and that’s about it, and even then it’s not unusual for meetings to be cancelled or not even scheduled for a day, so since there were no meetings scheduled for today there was nothing for me to do all day.

it’s like i’m living that book “the four-hour workweek” except it’s like 5 1/2 hours of meetings in a week, maybe, and i have to go into the office whether or not there’s something for me to do that day. if only i could just listen in on conference calls and take notes from home since then i could actually get other stuff done like schoolwork and housework. oh man, i think then i’d do so much better in my classes, too.

but on the good news side, today i paid off a credit card that was kicking my butt. 😀 still more debts to pay off like school loans and other such stuff, but i’ve got a plan of attack and that’s what’s most important.

eta: oh! and since i see that i haven’t posted about it yet, i DID trade in my MINI (hence how i was able to pay off that credit card today)… for what they gave me, it was enough to pay off my auto loan, pay off that credit card, and still have enough to start a downpayment on a new MINI — you can follow along with it over at its twitter account. i’d also tell you about my undercover alter-ego twitter account for my bathroom adventures, but even though homodachi favorited that time i farted on someone by accident (I SWEAR THEY SNUCK UP BEHIND ME) and greyplanet would probably think it’s pretty chuckles, 95% of you who are on twitter probably don’t want to hear commentary about that sort of stuff. but if you do, send me a DM over on the twitters so the account stays on the down-low for maximum mystery, hahaha…