#5246 – so my MINI might be an investment

so i got this email from my dealership in the mail today; apparently they need used MINIs so bad that now through november 2nd they’re paying 120% of trade-in value on ’08s and older. i put in the details for my car at the kelley blue book and websites, and based on the prices i got there for trade-in value and based on how much i still owe on the car, i’d get enough to pay off the car loan, knock out the rest of my credit card debt, and still have enough money for a down payment towards a new MINI, bahahahaha. if the car loan interest rate is less than the credit cards, why not??

i’m thinking about stopping by the dealership on the way home from work tomorrow to see what they think the car is worth so i can think it over more.

the funny thing is, i went online to configure a MINI, and it was exactly the same as my current one. go figure, bahahahaha…